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  1. I need to know the difference between the yz400f flywheel and the 2001 yz426 flywheel...will the zip ty 10oz yz426 flywheel weight fit the 400, any help would be great I screwed up and bought one and can't figure out the diff. thnx
  2. http://www.royalpurple.com/prodsa/mcycle.html Everyone should check out this oil. They have some great products and they are from my home town. They have been around for quite a few years and produce some of the best racing and specific oils in the world. Look at the independient test results posted on the site.
  3. mpowers

    98 yz400 idle problem

    it will idle both warm and cold, it runs fine but it just seems wrong to have the idle adjusted all the way "in". I did find that the hot start plunger rod is bent...not sure about the thing leaking I will check it. Got my new zipty screw today and will get it in and try to get it dead on......thanks
  4. mpowers

    98 yz400 idle problem

    why wont the idle come down?
  5. trying to find out if a 2000 wr426 flywheel and stator fit a 98 yz400f any help would be cool
  6. clean carb acc pump clean everything set right, idle screw is at the max to get it to idle,fuel screw set a little over 1.5 turns. btw I installed a zip ty fuel screw and tried to start...no go. took it apart and the fuel screw had broken off in the carb. not fun trying to get it out but its out. I sent it back to zip ty and haven't heard back yet.