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  1. I had no problems with my Corbin/IMS seat in early 2007. Best investment yet. I purchased from TPI and they stopped selling them due to issues.
  2. As Frat posted, Two Wheel Texans. I have my DR set up a little more for the street than I did last year. 360/Trinity is good because you can putt around or ride hard if you want to practice. I don't think the law will bug you if you have a dual sport out there, at least I have not had a problem. Not many of us DR650's riding around DFW.
  3. trinity river bottoms, 360 & 183 area - problem is I do not have a truck or trailer. ---------------------------------------------- Have you posted at TWT? I sometimes ride at 360 because it is a short ride away for a little off road riding. It is illegal and going away quick. I'm not into group riding but a lot of TWT ride up at red river. If I pick up a smaller dirt bike I may be up there this winter.
  4. A big! steep! hill in 3rd.
  5. I like the trailwings for the type of riding I do on my DR650. 70% street, 30% dirt. Lots of aggressive cornering in the twisties. Hard pack dirt and gravel, a few water crossings. They work well in all conditions I ride in, but they are useless in mud. At 49 years old, I have had my share of mud and don't care for anymore, thanks. ------------------------------------------------------------- Same here with me. At 50 yo they do what I need. 80 on/ 20 off, they don't work well in mud or fine sand, you just have to deal with that. Easy on the budget and easy to fix flats.
  6. Stock, I could go about 115-120 miles before having to switch to reserve ----------------- same here on street.
  7. Sorry, no leaks on my 2001.
  8. 2001 with 5050 miles on it. I'm third owner. 2nd owner and I have used, Synthetic Rotella 5W-40. -Dennis
  9. +1......
  10. 2001 w/5200 miles. No leaks and abused before I got it w/ 2800.
  11. 2800 rear, changed both at that time.
  12. I think the stock or Clark are the only good looking tanks. The rest are for more consumpion of gas.
  13. Sorry, wrong post but I used the IMS petcock with the "O" ring and a tube of seal a gasget. Threw out the flat gasget. No problems.
  14. If you replace a stock seat and tank, and have a hard time, stick the old stuff on the get the inspection sticker. -End of problem.
  15. I have the yellow tank. If you look into the gas cap hole you can see your finger on the outside. No problem checking the fuel level you just have to take the cap off.