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  1. jonmt

    2000 rm 250 fork seal

    yes it did help thanks for the reply.
  2. jonmt

    2000 rm 250 fork seal

    I kept at it and it finally came out. Not without a lot of cussing and beer I believe there is a washer that should come out and it does seem like it wants to. any help here? Oh well more beer and cussing
  3. jonmt

    2000 rm 250 fork seal

    I am trying to get the fork seal out of its home and I am having a heck of a time getting it out. I emptyed all of the oil out of the fork moved the dust cap out of the way took the retaining clip out and have been pounding (like a jack hammer ) on the fork to get the seal out. what should I do next I have new seals to go back in and oil to replace the old oil and just want to get this thing done with. thanks jon
  4. jonmt

    test rode a wr today

    I hope the uncorked version of the wr won't disapoint me but you never know. I will have to ride either the yz or an uncorked wr to make that decision but I am really glad I got the chance to ride this bike before I laid down some hard earned cash on it. (it gave me perspective) Now for the riding it will encounter under my a$$ will be 70/30 dirt then road to get to dirt. Tight mountain trails with a creek crossing here or there. There will not be any competition with this bike because I am far to old and slow healing to dare to jump anything more then 5-10 feet thanks for all the insight and first hand experience I haven't given up on the wr yet. jon
  5. jonmt

    test rode a wr today

    I don't know what you mean by stock but this 06 could barely get the front off the ground in 1st so 3rd was definitly out of the question unless you grabbed a handfull of throttle and poped the clutch for a wheelie but I prefer throttle wheelies I'll stop whinning and go ride the yz.
  6. jonmt

    test rode a wr today

    Yeah I understand that but I am used to my zx11 and my summit x that can wheelie until about 60mph. Both machines were really hard on shoulders until you got used to the pull. Thats what I thought the 450 was going to be like but I guess I was wrong. It probably will be a arm jerker after all the free mods are done but stock was pretty embarasing. My old xt550 would have made it look silly. And that thing is a pig, weight wise.
  7. jonmt

    test rode a wr today

    Ok I guess I will have to throw a leg over on the yz and hope it is what can you expect for only half throttle I really hope I can expect 4th gear wheelies and tons of torque down low Well off to work and when I get back from my trip will have to run by the dealer and get with the yz. thanks guys
  8. jonmt

    test rode a wr today

    I test rode a new 06 wr450 today at the dealer and It was stock...... totally stock had .4 hours on it.... was the first words to my mouth when I tried to pull a first gear wheelie If all the free mods are done to the bike will it be a different bike? I guess I should have jumped on the yz 450 and then made up my mind but holy cow was I disapointed. I guess reading all these posts really got me thinking these bikes were the cats meow. Now for the good parts. Going around their flat track with little bumps and a turn in it made up for the lack of power. Handles really nice lighter then I thought and wow it soaked up the bumps. I could see this bike being nice to ride in the tight woods up in the mountains. Electric start was nice and the bike felt really good. Oh well maybe I should hop on the yz and then make up my mind. any body else have this experience?
  9. jonmt

    what's a far price on a 04 wr450

    where in cali are you at. I am lookinng for a wr but haven't found a decent one in montana for a good price. Let me know I would travel a little. thanks jon
  10. jonmt

    New owner of a 2003 wr450

    wondering if the 03's had electric start? like the 04-06's?
  11. jonmt


    last year the dealer close to me had left over 04's for 4700 out the door. That right there has ruined me for prices. should have bought one but hadn't made up my mind on a wr. Now that I have made up my mind I will have to check around. On the 03's is the woodruf key the only thing that should be fixed right away?
  12. jonmt


    I am new to the forum postings but have lerked around for a while now. Done some research for what I want for my new dirt bike. I currently own a 83 xt 550. I have mastered the old thumper but want a lighter more nimble trail bike. I use it mostly to ride in the mountains of montana and cruise around the north and south 40. I would like a 04,05 wr 450 any tips on what I should be looking for in a used bike of that era? I would like to find a used hold over 04 or 05 but would be willing for used if I can find a clean one and know what to look for. Thanks for the info. jon edit... I guess I shouldn't say that I have mastered the old thumper but I have rode it to its limits. what can i expect from a new 450?