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    XRL Headlight Wattage

    You might think about trying a piaa h4 off road anti vibration bulb. I'm running one in my '06 xrl and it's like night and day! I hear ya, that stock light is is about as bright as a 2 dollar flashlight!!! They are kinda expensive, around 43 bucks but worth every penny. Check out rocky mountain atv/mc.
  2. burly


    Thanks for the info Marc.That was kinda making me nervous. Maybe I will pour some 927 in the bike so as least is smells good.Haha
  3. burly


    Hey guys, i have a question for you all. I have an '06 650l with a little over a thousand miles on it and I'm getting a puff of black smoke that smells like oil when I come off the throttle. Is this normal? The bike is bone stock with the exception of a clarke 4.0 and 14/48 gearing. Could the 100+ degree temps we are having here in cali have anything to do with it? I have changed the oil correctly, or or at least I think I have been. A friend of mine bought one a couple of weeks after I did and it's doing the same thing. Is this normal? Will doing Daves mods and getting the mixture fattened up help, or does that have nothing to do with it? Smog pumps going in the lake too! I am running rotella t 15-40 and my friend is running 10-40 full synthetic, so I know it's not the oil. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. burly

    Axle Holder (Bolts Sheered off)

    The machine is basically a hot welder that uses a hollow electrode with coolant flowing through the center hole. You use different electrode sizes and heat setting depending on the size of the tap/bolt you are trying to remove. It blows a hole through the center of the tap/bolt allowing you to remove it. It works really well on taps and drills because of the harness of the material, they basically just fall out. bolts are kinda a pain because they are soft, so you gotta pick the broken bolt out after you burn out the center. I think the manufacturer of the machine is electro arc. It's main purpose really is for taps or drills, really anything made from tool steel or harder. It sure has saved my bacon quite a few times.
  5. burly

    header wrap

    Thanks dude.
  6. burly

    Axle Holder (Bolts Sheered off)

    Good idea dude. A propane bottle is a hellofalot cheaper that a machine shop any day of the week! don't forget the atisieze on the new studs though. Rock on!
  7. burly

    Axle Holder (Bolts Sheered off)

    The threads in the fork tube can be saved if go about it the right way. if you have enough of the stud sticking out to grab onto with visegrips, soak the fork tube in oil for awhile or keep spraying the studs with penetrating oil to see if they loosen up. Your second option is to use left handed drill bits. You need to hit the stud as "dead center as posible to avoid taking out the thread.I think those are M6 studs so a 3/16" L/H bit will work. The third option (and most expensive) is a machine shop. If you can find one with a tap/bolt disentigrater in your area thats the best bet. They can either burn them out, or clamp the tube in a mill and drill them out. What ever you do, don't beat the heck out of the studs with a hammer, center punch, or easy out. That almost ruins any chance that the machine shop will be able to save the threads. The fourth option is a helicoil or keesert (fon carrlane mfg,). When you get the old stud out, don't forget to put atiseize or thred lock on them. Steel and aluminum have some sort of chemical reaction that goes on and if you don't use antiseize or a thread locking compound, its only a matter of time before the bolts just lock up and you have very little chance of getting them out. I am a supervisor at a machine shop here in central cal that has the only tap disentigrater within about a 100 mile radius so I have seen quite bit of this with bikes. most of the time it's the cr style rear axle adjusters, but we have done a few fork tubes as well. Hope this helps
  8. burly

    header wrap

    Hey guys. I'm new to the sight and have learned some valuable info form the other members, thanks. Does exhaust wrap have any negative effects on the engine. Where does the heat go. Out the exhaust, or does it make the engine run hotter? I have an '06 xr650l, and so far all I have done to it is a clarke 4.0 gal. tank and 14/48 sprockets with an rk x-ring chain. Will removing the smog crap and doing Daves mods fatten up the jetting and make the bike run a little cooler? I already have a nice burn scar on my left leg from the toomeys on my banshee and I really don't want a matching one on my right leg. Thanks for any help guys.