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  1. Take the battery out ,charge it,then take it to the local auto parts store and have them do a load test on the battery,they will tell you if the battery is good.Or take a volt meter switch it to DC volts and with the bike running you should be putting out 12-13.5 volts,if you are not putting out the voltage you might want to look at the stator.
  2. If you are looking for a frame I have a 2002drz400E model frame and I am willing to sell it for 200.00 plus shipping.the frame is straight and I have all legal paperwork.I am in ca.
  3. check your pilot jet it could be plugged,backfiring on decel is generally caused by a lean condition.
  4. took mine off and went through 2 sets of seals. so i just installed fork skins and so far so good.
  5. trick dual sport makes a really nice fitting kit,and for the speedo issue i am using thr trail tech.
  6. that is how mine sounded. i replaced it with the tt manual cam chain tensioner and now it sounds fine
  7. sorry no photos yet used the trick dual sport kit .it went on great ,with great instructions.
  8. buy a isuzu rodeo w/v6 ,you can get them inexpensive and they run good and they can tow a 3 bike trailer