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  1. mrquick68

    Beta 300 RR Race Edition 2015

    Fantastic bike! The only need is suspension tuning if you want to really dial it in. Fork is a bit too harsh, and the shock is too soft.
  2. mrquick68

    Steering stabilizer

    you guys got me thinking. I've got one sitting on shelf right now, and i seriously have never needed on this BETA - it just works great everywhere and has never scared me. But KTM's where terrifying without them. Making me think i should try it out now on 300RR!
  3. mrquick68

    Ktm to beta switch

    Soooooo. This thread has a lot going on it... SXF and XCF has 100% different engines in 2008 than the same year XCWs. So, no comparison there - they are different any everyway except they are both available in a 450! ha ha. They do have suspect oiling issues with both types of engines, which is a fact. KTMs from 2008 era are carb'd and have pretty substantial hit, and 4T engine braking. They would make awful offroad bikes if you do any single tracking with technical sections compared to an XCW or a BETA. They are also both 5 speeds too, which is not the best offroad tranny either. If you like to ride in the desert though, an SXF/XCF would be a lot of fun. As for the BETA's, yes its true they have less engine braking, but only in the EFI models. They are 100% different in feel than a SXF/XCF KTM. They are MUCH more similar to an XCW in their terrian focus, but go about it in slightly different ways (PDS vs linkage, short seat height on the BETA, etc). However, in my opinion owning different versions of all these bikes, i much prefer the Beta for offroad duty. Dead nuts reliable so far too. Though my 09+ KTMs/Berg's have been perfect too. I personally do not care for PDS suspension at all.
  4. mrquick68

    Beta 250RR OR 300RR, can't pick..

    Umm, i believe its the other way around. Flush with the cover means the most hit. Turning it in and tightening up on the spring pressure means the power valve has to overcome more spring preload, and thus opens at higher rpm, which means more linear powerband. SO, flush = More hit. Turned in 3 turns = linear power, less/no hit.
  5. mrquick68

    Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?

    Here's a few more. Thx for the love!
  6. mrquick68

    Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?

    I like to think mine is pretty trick! All $$$ spent has been for go, not show. Love this beauty!!! Stillwell, tubliss, fastway, P3 Carbon, EE hardparts, FMF, APT Smartcarb, and more. I would cry if I added up all the receipts!
  7. mrquick68


    If we are wishing, here's what i'd like to see for 16. I'd like the base model to stay nearly the same as it is now. Excellent bike! I'd like the race model to be touch more high-end. For example, a rear shock that's valved to match the upgraded fork, better fork valving, anLED headlight, and I'd like to see a light weight battery stock. It might add $300 to the cost of the bike, but you'd save money overall. All in all though, the 2015 300RR and 300RR Race are probably the best bikes I've ever been on. I can't believe how amazing these things are. It literally does everything i ask, and at any speed i ask it to. I'm in love with beautiful Italian. Don't tell my wife!
  8. mrquick68

    Best place to sell my Husaberg?

    So, I'm trying to sell my 2014 Berg FE 501. Where's a good place to sell it? There are none on Ebay, none on thumper talk, and so far on craigslist in Seattle, no one knows what it is. Ha ha. any ideas? Need some traction on where to get it sold! Thanks!
  9. mrquick68

    berg plastics

    New husky plastic is a direct fit for 2013+
  10. mrquick68

    Who's Got a SmartCarb?

    Lots of great info here. I see comments about the smarty needles being hard to come by as a concern. It's not like a normal carb. You just pick the needle that works for your motor size and that's it. On the billets it's probably a Q11 rod. They pre run most carbs at the factory and tune it in for you. At least they did for me. I bolted it on and it was super close. Just made a few adjustments and I haven't touched it in a 100 miles. So I guess laziness is another reason. Ha ha!
  11. mrquick68

    Who's Got a SmartCarb?

    Went out and did 35 miles yesterday morning. Used about 1.2 gallons. Crazy conditions. It's almost May and our trails are all starting to open. Very cold yesterday and ton of up and down. Even snowed on us a bit. My bike ran just as good yesterday as it did running in the desert last weekend when it was 70. I made zero adjustments. Rode my buddies 300rr back to back with mine too and the difference in power and run ability was very obvious. He took mine for a rip and couldn't believe how clean it ran and the nice improvement in power over the entire rev range. Lugs just a good as before but now I can do controlled roll-on wheelies from low rpm in 3rd. Is it worth $700? I don't know. It's a great improvement but that's a lot of money. I am personally sold on it, but i would love to try the new die cast version out when it's ready. $350 would be a lot more reasonable! Regardless of price though, it straight works. Super impressed and a great product. I have no reason to push the product FYI. I just like it.
  12. mrquick68

    Who's Got a SmartCarb?

    good posts by everyone. I have many reason for getting the smart carb. Hope this helps people out. I ride a ton of different elevations and temps, and the stock mpg's were killing me. Love the skinny feel of this bike and didn't want to ruin it with fatty tank, so it was good offet on costs for me. I personally would wait until the new casts versions are done, and I'd probably order a 36MM not a 38mm if they offer them. The 38mm makes the bike a touch too fast (lame to say, but its true!). The billet carbs worked better than the early casts as they had some run-ability issues. That's why they are switching to a die-cast version. This really is a bitchin solution to jetting and mpg issues. now I'm not saying you'll get 60% more range, but I did in this particular environment. If i can get 60+ miles on a tank at race pace, then i'm stoked! and i did, i actually did closer to 66 miles and didn't hit reserve. Crazy!? now, i have another big reason for giving this a shot. I'm going to build myself a new snowbike/timbersled setup for this coming winter. The smart carbs are amazing for this. I'll likely be building a KTM 300 XC 330 big bore and I wanted experience running this carb. Now i do! I'm super impressed with 2 strokers in the snow, and the KTM works great for this. I'd try the BETA too, but there is no fit kit for it, and the tranny is too widely spaced out. Too bad, it makes great power, though there aren't many high spinning motocross pipes available for it yet. as for settings, i'm running a Q-11 rod, 35 clicks from rich, and about .733 out on the idler adjuster. These are for billet carb only. the cast uses different parts.
  13. mrquick68

    Who's Got a SmartCarb?

    I have one on my 300RR Race. Took about 2 rides to get it dialed. I did have to have trim my air boot, and its damn tight fit. However, they will have a new cast version out shortly that will fit better (i'm running the billet). here's my $.02. I love the damn thing. Besides the fitment, its a legit product. It is insanely easy to tune, the only parts you need to get are metering rods, and once you set it up your done. Barely ever need to touch it again. And honestly, the metering rod it comes with is 99% usually the right one. They even baseline test the carb at their shop before they ship it out. It will last forever too, and there really isn't any wear parts on it. So swap bike to bike. I literally increased my fuel mpg's by 60%+. I'm not kidding. Great product, easy to use, and works great! The cast ones will be the way to go as soon as they are out. Awesome technology. If you ride various temps and elevations, this is the way to go!
  14. mrquick68

    2015 Beta 300RR

    two things i've seen on here that i have comments/questions about. I'm running a 2015 300RR Race. Pretty sure turning the PV adjuster out makes the PV open sooner, more hit sooner. I see conflicting info. I've messed with quite a bit, and i prefer about 2 turns in, especially now that i'm running at 38mm smart carb. The smart cab is rad. Took a bit to get it fit in there, but i'm getting insane mileage now. I'd guess around 33 mpg's riding fairly aggressively at speed too. I was blown away. I did just under 70 miles at the Desert 100 poker run a few weeks back and only put in 2 gallons when i was done. WOW. The only thing i don't like about the carb is it added power. had the crank the PV adjuster tighter as the HIT was too much. the 300 is already too fast for most conditions. That's the next comment. LOVE this bike. Hawaii said it above i think, but i never have bike envy anymore. There's nothing i'd rather ride!!! I get stopped everywhere i ride on this thing. The only thing left for me to do is the suspension. Heading off to Stillwell in a few weeks. The fork and shock are just out of sync with eachother.
  15. Hey folks, been awhile since I posted here on Thumper Talk, but this is a very big deal. We need our voices heard! Please attend one of these if you possible can. Reply if you plan to attend so we can see how many will be there. Here's the email I recently got. This in regards to the Nature Conservancy group buying 48,000 acres of land behind Cle Elum/Roslyn/Ronald. This area is highly important to us as its been great riding terrian for 50 years. There is huge network of trails as well as access to official trails. Here's what i was sent. I will be at the Cle Elum meeting. Dear Friend, As I explore the hills and valleys of our new back yard, I am inspired by a vision of healthy forests supporting the local economy, offering people a place to escape from everyday life, and allowing diverse plants and animals to thrive. Today I want to update you on our work towards this vision and invite you to be part of it. Since closing on our acquisition of 48,000 acres of treasured forestland between Snoqualmie Pass and Cle Elum, our team of foresters has been assessing the state of the land and working on a detailed management plan setting the stage for restoration and all future uses of this land. Our team, committed to conserving and restoring these forests, is growing. We are hiring a Central Cascades Community Coordinator . Learn more about this and other jobs on our career page, and share with anyone who might be a good fit. In March, we’ll hold a series of open houses in the area to talk about the future of these lands. We invite you to join us to share why you value these lands and your ideas for the future. Cle Elum Senior Center March 5th 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Ellensburg Amory March 17th 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Yakima Aboretum March 27th 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Many of you have already completed our short online survey. We really appreciate learning what matters to you. If you have not already taken the survey, we would love to hear from you. I am gratified by your support for our vision of healthy thriving forests for people and nature. With your help, we will make that dream a reality.