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  1. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Here's mine
  2. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400sm not starting (06)

    OK, late to get back tot he party, but I will update: Turns out I still had some gunk/varnish in the jets, float valve was a mess, etc. I got a new fuel mixture screw (adjustable type) and put everything back together for the 20th time. After the oil change, the dying after running for a short time was cured as well. (for the un-initiated, stuck floats/jets were flooding cylinder, gas was seeping past the rings into the oil. Then, when the motor is started cold, it would run (sort of), but once the oil warmed up a little, the gas was evaporating from the oil into the crank case breather that leads right back into the carb, causing a mixture that is way to rich to burn, and kills the combustion process, motor dies) I've since replaced the main jet with a 150, (from a 146), rebuilt the rear brake master cylinder (did not realize how gunked that could get in there) and took her for a spin. Thanks again to everyone that replied and shared information, love this community.
  3. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400sm not starting (06)

    Yeah, getting some of these bits clean without damaging them was a pain. got a couple pics of the gunk i had:
  4. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400sm not starting (06)

    Man, way more practice gettting that carb in and out than I care to admit. The jets did get pretty clean, but I hear you on getting new ones. I guess I need to read up some more on a good high-altitude jetting options. Will report back tomorrow for sure, can't wait to get this pig on the road again.
  5. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400sm not starting (06)

    wow, that contaminated oil thing is spot on. runs for a bit (cold), but once it warms up, dies (too rich). Drained all the oil out, and you can actually smell the fuel in it, gnarly. Will pick up some more liquid dino tomorrow, run it through and then change again. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400sm not starting (06)

    That bold part is kind of scary. will it evaporate out, or do I need a full change?
  7. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400sm not starting (06)

    Update: took carb off again, the little float o-ring area and little pointed valve thing were still all gunked up. Cleaned them off, re-cleaned the main jet, (it was still gunky), put everything back on. Full choke, cranked for a few times, then it barked to life. (yay) It ran for a while (still on full choke), and it was backfiring a bit, but running pretty smooth. After a few minutes, I tried to close the choke, and it shut off. Now it does not want to start at all again, lol. I'll try again in a bit, just thought I would let you guys know what happened.
  8. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400sm not starting (06)

    I did try the "put a cap full of oil into the sparkplug hole" thing the other day, and when I went to try to start it, it was not verry happy. It tried hard to turn over a couple of times, then spit-sputtered a few times, then back to just turning over and over. Are there other things to look for that may indicate stuck rings?
  9. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400sm not starting (06)

    That's it exactly. The black tube on the right here: http://i.imgur.com/p1FCKml.jpg I'll read up on the seal and see what I can find out, take it apart again and have another look. Thanks.
  10. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400sm not starting (06)

    Tried all manners of throttle/choke positions while starting. It used to run fine, but it has been a while. Vacuum lines seem to be ok, seems like it gets fuel into the bowl. (I've opened the drain screw a few times to check it out. If I put the petcock in "prime" fuel will eventually spill out the overflow tube of the carb. The original spark plug was kind of dark, so I picked up a brand new one, old one was a little on the grimy side. I can try pulling the new plug out to see if it's wet. Thanks for reading.
  11. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400sm not starting (06)

    back story: bike has been in "storage" for a couple of years, finally getting around to bringing it back to life, having problems. There was some fuel stabilizer in there, have since drained tank, re-filled with fresh gas. Got a new battery, nice and charged, still on the trickle charger. Took the carb off twice now, cleaned it out, looked decent the last time I put it together, no buildup or gunk, put it all back together, did the 2.5 turns out on the idle screw. Brand new spark plug, has a spark, not sure how "bright" the spark should be, but a spark "should" make it fire, right? Took the cover off the valves, timing chain looks new still, timing SEEMS to be right (I'm not 100%), but I think I got the TDC mark lined up, two cams look to be at 10 and 2, timing marks on the gears look to be right. (see pics) A couple of times, it kind of sputter-started with twisting the throttle, but just sputtered out after a few seconds. Now it just won't fire at all. It sounds like it's doing the suck squeeze, (no bang) blow, can feel the suction on the airbox, can feel pressure on the exhaust, just no bang. Pics attached, also linking an album of the carb just in case it helps. http://imgur.com/a/jwbip grasping at straws, not sure where to go next. Coil/cap issue? valve clearances? I re-jetted this bike when I first got it in 06, 3x3 mod, kit was bought here, have not really touched the engine/carb since aside from oil changes.
  12. Fr1j0l3

    DRZ400SM suspension setting???

    dang, no replies? (I'm lookin for similar pointers)
  13. Fr1j0l3


    ok, sorry to butt in here, but I'm curious. I took the drzsm out to the track a few weeks ago and had an absolute BLAST. Should I follow the same guidelines for setting sag and stuff as I would with a sportbike, or should an SM be set up a different way?
  14. I'm not even touching picture-boy, not worth it... but... Out at the track for the first time on the 400SM, and I was lapping with a guy on a 650 KTM for most of the day... We were both pretty evenly matched, with the KTM having a bit more pull on the straights. Afterwards, we chatted a bit, and it turns out he also had a DRZSM, but felt like it was low on power and got the KTM. He admitted to never taking the DRZ to the track, but then he started going on about how he was trying to keep up with me in the morning. Anyhoo, I had a blast eating him up in the turns, so it might have just been a rider thing, but I was eating up some 600 sportbikes too... long story short... yeah, the bike is down in power, get the husky if that's what your aim is. This thing is the most fun I could ask for in a commuter, and it's a smilefest on the track as well.
  15. Fr1j0l3

    Excellent Commercial

    lol!! I have a "look twice" sticker on my cage. I'm not sure about the toll pass, I think I'de rather pay "exact change"