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  1. Haha you dont need insurance excecpt for yourself especially on that bike. Liability will not cover your bike hitting a fence. It will cover the fence itself lol. If you dont have medical insurance dont do anything crazy or stupid. Cause one trip to the ER for a broken leg or ankle will cost as much youre bike....and hospitals dont negeotiate on the price.
  2. Yea if thats it....wait until you get a chance to test ride it before you offer the 1200
  3. Let him know in advance....Say your having money problems or something....IE dog got sick I dunno use your imagination....1500 is a good price, but the bike is 12 years old and if you show him 1200 cash he might bite if not say well let me see if I can maybe get 100 more and call him back a little later...when you call back say you cant afford to drop any more than that on a bike....and give him a couple days to break. It seems to me that he has plenty of bikes, and I think you might be able to get a couple hundred knocked off...If you cant negotiate or talk well he will read you and take you for the 1500 haha. If that happens ohh well youll still have a bike.
  4. Yea you might wanna check your jets
  5. The bike looks great....dont go kill yourself your first time out. In the future dont be scared to offer someone less than their asking....The worst they could say is no, and if they say no raise your offer a lil more and so on...I picked up my 426 for $2000 the guy was asking 2800 hehe I was shocked and almost felt bad when he said ok.....almost
  6. Only 23 but I feel old......Marines will do that to ya.