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  1. robm45497

    Spark plug question.

    solids are better if that is your cap style
  2. robm45497

    2004 YZ125 Rear Shock Bumper

    If you release the pressure of the nitrogen you can take the lower part off. Change out the cushion. But most likely it is going to take a lot of heat to get the locktite to relaes along with the age of the shock. It would most likely be best to change oil and change it thru the shim stack and piston because im sure it would handle better with new fresh oil. You need to take care of the nut on the end before you try to get it off because they are usually meant to not come off. If you dont take the time to grind off the pinned part of the nut most of the time it will mess up the treads but other then that it is easy.
  3. robm45497

    2005 crf450r counter balancer seal

    be careful it can also be the center gasket on those. I had a customer bike that i thought was seal and turned out we had to pull and replace the center gasket when the seal didnt fix the problem. After the first time i thought i may have screwed up the seal and did a second for nothing and then found out was not the seal.