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  1. robmkx00

    Clutch issue

    I am having a similar problem with my '00 KX-250. I blew the top end and parts of the piston/cylinder ended down in the case. I split the case, cleaned it out and had a more experienced buddy put it back together.. everything but the clutch. I figured I could do that myself. When I put the basket, clutches etc. back together the bearing at the end of the pushrod doesn't contact the plate until the pivot arm is all the way over.
  2. robmkx00

    2005 Dr-z 125 wont idle

    Thanks, I got it out. What's the procedure for adjusting that screw. The shop manual says 2 1/4 turns out. Is that enough. Someone said 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 turns.
  3. robmkx00

    2005 Dr-z 125 wont idle

    How exactly did you drill the cap that was over the fuel screw?
  4. robmkx00

    Mikuni VM20SS Screws & plugs in Foto.

    How do you remove the plug #57 in the diagram?
  5. robmkx00

    front break spongey, please any input??

    I recently bought an '00 KX 250 and the guy I bought it from replaced the factory front brake with a later model CR-250(the new design that doesn't wrap under the caliper) master cylinder/stainless hose and caliper. I don't don't how the stock brakes worked, but the Honda brakes work great... so far.
  6. robmkx00

    01 KX 250 Info

    It should be close to my '00 KX 250 which has plenty of low-mid power, Mine has a FMF Fatty and a "Q" silencer which probably adds to the low end power.
  7. robmkx00

    01 kx 250 need info quick!

    I just bought an '00 for $1800. New sprockets, chain, FMF pipe and silencer,Protaper bars,skid plate and tires.
  8. robmkx00

    KX250 exhaust question

    Stay away from the FMF "Q". It "will meet the mandated 96dB sound level set by the US Forest Service", for your trail riding, but it doesn't fit my '00 very well. It rubs the rear fender and leaves it coated with 2 stoke oil.