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  1. Sorry if this has been asked a hundred times, but I just bought a new 09' X left over, and was wondering which model year R would the muffler or can bolt directly onto my X without any mods. I have an 06' R FMF Q2 in the shed. Any help would be nice Rick
  2. I'll order the 28-67 needle today already down to 420 main. using HP2 93 octane 40/1 BR9 plug I went through this with 01 cr 250 looking through my notes the stock needle was the problem on it too Thanks for all your help if you guys thinkof anything else let me know Big Rick
  3. Thanks for the links I dropped the pilot one more size now I'm down to a 45 stock is 55. I rode it around for a few minutes today without fouling a plug going to try this, before dropping the main. hey punkrock where is the 05 125 jetting in mx action what heading I could'nt find it Thanks big Rick by the way this is my nephew's bike
  4. I have an 05 cr 125 and it's fouling plugs like crazy, has anybody else run into to this if you have any fix's or jetting specs please let me know. in fla. hot and low allitude. Thanks Big Rick