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    Leathermerchant.com is a RIP OFF !!!

    I have inserted your refund into my next credit card batch set to be posted tonight. How long it takes for your credit card to show the credit is different with every card company. Wether you believe it or not, your emails have not been recieved. I honestly have had a problem with my ISP the last couple of months. Several customers have complained about not getting a reply. My ISP is currently trying to correct the problem, if they cannot do it soon, I will change to another one. I am sorry I used the word "jerk", but you and I both know that the email you posted was not even close to the one you sent me at least you left off the end of it. I hope we can settle this and get on with our lives here! You know The Leather Merchant is not all bad. We donate most of our profits to Help families that have children with cancer. Our money pays for things like housing, food and other needs and comforts for the family when they are out of town staying near the hospital. Some of the money goes for searches for cures to cancer. Also profits go to a Multiple Sclerosis Society that does the same thing. I know how difficult it can be and how financially draining it can be on a family, as I have advanced MS. Let me know what I can do to make this up to you
  2. The Leather Merchant

    Leathermerchant.com is a RIP OFF !!!

    Hi, I am Phil Sinner, the owner of The Leather Merchant. The Whois search you did is old. My email is sales@theleathermerchant.com. Please email me, there is some misunderstanding here. We are well known for our customer service. I will be glad to straighten this out, there is obviously some mistake! Thanks Phil