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  1. drzjeff

    Help...no spark 2005 110

    No, there is not a spark
  2. drzjeff

    Help...no spark 2005 110

    My father gave me a 2005 klx 110 that has been sitting for a couple of years. Short story long it doesnt appear to have any spark when kicked. the spark plug looks, what should i look for?
  3. drzjeff

    top end rebuild

    I have an 2003 stock 110 and i need to know if there is a diagram or instructions for a top end rebuild. Thanks for the help
  4. I used old bailing wire from a rusty fence in the middle of no-where to put my son's exhaust back on, and on the same ride found an old beer bottle to use to fuel his bike up from my tank after the siphon hose went missing from my pack.
  5. drzjeff

    Off road set-up help please

    I put on a taller renthal bar with only the adapter for the width of the bar and it made a huge difference.
  6. drzjeff

    Expedition towing a TH?

    I tow my 21' with my 99 expedition and other then being a slow climb on long uphills i have had zero issues with it.
  7. I have a 99 expedition, that seems to be heat sensitive. When it's cold out the wipers for the front won't turn on, but the back wipers and turn signals work. Could it be a wiper motor issue, a control switch issue, or something else. Any help is great as it sucks to not have a car in the rain or snow.
  8. drzjeff

    Let's talk about your kid's grades and the OHV tool

    Currently my 11 year old is in the school sucks attitude, and as aresult has bad grades and issues with the teacher. My wife and I follow his school very closely, but after a fews years of issues we decided that we are going to let him fail on his own since he does not want the help (now we will of course help him when asked) now he is required to show us his grades at certain intervels at which time determines how we handle him. We said that we wouldn't take the dirt bike away, but the issues became so bad that we decided it was time to show him that life is good when he is. So with that being said dangling the carrot doesn't always work which makes it all the more frustrating. I teach a fathering parent class which the emphasis is nuturing through logical consequences i.e. make dad mad for whatever reason, dad doesn't invite along on the next ride (now that is a very minimal genrality, but the point is there).
  9. drzjeff

    Happy Birthday LTK300...

    Happy B'day
  10. drzjeff

    Hot dogs anyone??

    You guys need to let me know as the desert cools down where you want to take the kids. I was thinking Johnson Valley, which is where my son and I normally ride. BTW thanks for the positive feedback, the "dads" program has been something I've been working on for a couple of years to really get going strong.
  11. drzjeff

    Hot dogs anyone??

    I'll try and make something happen so more of you guys can make it.
  12. drzjeff

    Hot dogs anyone??

    Update: We had a great time with the kids and dads last night...I would love to try and put on a "non-official" group dad/kid ride in the desert this winter.
  13. drzjeff

    Big Bear lake area and Cactus Flats

    You can 3n16 to Jacobi Canyon which is 1/16 of a mile from the entrance to Catcus flats. However, I do believe that it is all street legal only.
  14. drzjeff

    Hot dogs anyone??

    Bump... One more day to rsvp.