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  1. murrdogg

    SM Fork Damper Discontinued?

    Sorry, no. I mean that I don't want to put almost a grand into an 06 bike fork. Just didn't seem worth it. If I can source the new part for $650 I'd do it. They never stop costing money hey?
  2. murrdogg

    SM Fork Damper Discontinued?

    I talked to the dealer again and after talking to the rep he said they're re-listed the part. In Canada anyway. It's the whole damper. It's $850 new and he can give me a price of $650 plus install and tax. I'd do it but of course it's back-ordered. Not a big fan of sourcing used parts from eBay to throw in as you can never tell how much life they have left in them, but hate to have to wait for an unknown amount of time. Why does this always happen in the Spring?
  3. murrdogg

    SM Fork Damper Discontinued?

    I was kind of hoping they had just changed the part number. I'm going to call Ronnie's Mail order today to see if they have a new one. My dealer told me that was the part, but not sure if they need the whole thing or not. Man I hope it isn't the whole thing! My bike isn't worth much more than that Thanks!
  4. murrdogg

    SM Fork Damper Discontinued?

    Hey all, Just got word form my local Suzuki shop that the part# 51190-29F70 fork damper for my 2006 SM is discontinued and they can't get it. WTF? Anyone have experience with this? I didn't think much had changed from 06 to 14 on this, but even the parts suppliers on the web all seem to have this part listed as discontinued. I'm hoping I don't have to buy a fork. Any suggestions? Maybe just source the part used? Thanks.
  5. murrdogg

    DR-Z 400 BUZZ sound

    Just another option for you. I had an rpm specific sound that I couldn't find for a year, and I have the Mcct as well. When I pulled my muffler this winter I found the flange at the front of it had separated. I had my mechanic weld it back on and the sound is gone. Hopefully your Mcct will fix it, but if not this may be something to look at. Good luck!
  6. murrdogg

    Swingarm issue - JB to the rescue!

    His bike has over 12k on it. He bought it new out West. Sorry, as in Western Canada.
  7. murrdogg

    Swingarm issue - JB to the rescue!

    So the work continues... We applied a second coat of JB Weld to the outside of the swingarm: This will require some filing: Now to file down the inside: The thing that looks like a tongue is actually a piece of tape to cover the bearings from the dust. I did a double take when I first saw the pics though... Here is what the side bearing looked like when we pulled it out and cleaned it off: And the other side: Now we are just waiting for the slider and new side bearings to arrive so we can put it all back together. More pics to come.
  8. murrdogg

    Other rear master cylinder options?

    Keeping this alive... I'm looking for a CRF master cylinder to replace my bulging DRZ400SM one, but would love to know if there are any other options! Do you have links for the ones you've found online?
  9. murrdogg

    Swingarm issue - JB to the rescue!

    Yes we were shocked and appalled when we found it. Since then I've read many stories of DRZ owners' chains going right through the bearings, so I think we're lucky we caught it when we did.
  10. So there we were, doing a nice batch of winter maintenance on our DRZs. We pull apart my buddy Warren's rear pivot and while cleaning out the bearings notice the drive side bearing is a bit mashed. Strange. Anyway, once we look into the bearing housing we are shocked to find the chain has worn right through the slider and dug deep into the swingarm! Yikes! Not sure how we missed this before, but damn glad we found it before it wore it's way into the bearing! After pulling it off the bike, we decided that it was worth giving the old JB weld a try, since it hadn't eaten through the main support structure or into the bearing housing. Here is the first application: We taped up the inside to prevent the JB weld from seeping too deeply into the housing. So after letting it cure all night, here is what we have: It will take a little grinding, but looking good. Here's the front view after curing: One more coat of JB should fill it up completely, and then a light grind to smooth it out and clear the excess from the inside. Then a new slider, and an increased awareness of this problem! So what do y'all think? Is this going to do the trick? We expect to keep a close eye on it to make sure it holds, but I think since it's not into the main support portion of the pivot that much,it should be fine.
  11. murrdogg

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    OK let's see... First thing I did after getting the seat off was break the rear right mount tab! Argh. So that means the last thing I do will be having that welded! Done since last weekend: Replaced grips Checked the valves and replaced 3 shims Installed manual cam chain tensioner Removed stock brake lines Installed Galfer stainless lines front and rear and bled the brakes Removed stock front drive cover and replaced with Zeta model Flushed the coolant Installed new K&N air filter Doing this coming weekend: Replacing stock blinkers with DRC LEDs + new flasher relay Oil change Headset bearing repack Any other little tweaking and cleaning jobs I can come up with before I drink too much beer!
  12. murrdogg

    DR650 Service Manual

    Any chance you could make it available to me? I've been trying to DL it from that university site but it just hangs in my browser. The Yahoo group doesn't seem to have it in their files anymore. gedi420@hotmail.com. Thanks for any help.
  13. murrdogg

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    Hi all. This is my first post and my first motorbike (I've owned some scooters). I bought a 1992 DR650 this past January and aside of the learning curve on the kick-start, I'm loving it now! I'm in Nova Scotia Canada so it gets a little cold up here in the winter, but fortunately we've had a warm one this year so I've had lots of riding in so far. Still waiting for the double digits to stay (in Celcius of course). (Mine requires the three kicks when cold too.) Looking forward to learning all that I can in this forum and others, and starting to work on the bike myself. I'm going to need a valve/ring job, new muffler and s-pipe, and some work on changing the decals and/or painting. I'm a bicycle mechanic so all this stuff with motors is new to me, but exciting! I can't wait to get some real off-roading in! Cheers all! and Happy Trails!