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  1. Drtbkracer

    2013 KTM 450 SX-F no start

    Thank you I will give this a try later
  2. So I was washing my bike the other day and pulled the bike in the garage after I was done to blow dry everything off with the air compressor. Once I was finished wiping and drying the bike off, I tried to start it, and nothing happened. It wouldn't crank over or start to make that whining noise when you have the bike in gear and roll it back-and-forth. Today I took all of the connectors apart and inspected them, then put everything back together. It still wouldn't start when you press the button, but putting the bike into gear, rocking it back-and-forth, to turn on the FI light and get that whine noise, after then I was able to get the bike to start. I let it run for a second, then turned it off, to start it back up with the button, getting nothing again with button, or rocking it back-and-forth in gear. I'm pretty confused by all of mess and anything would help. Thank you
  3. Drtbkracer

    Any Problems with a 2009 CRF450?

    that would be a weird problem. do you like it otherwise?
  4. With all the deals going on at the dealerships lately I'm really looking at buying a honda. Has anyone had any real big problems with theirs? I know that the suspension isnt the greatest, the linkage is bad I hear, and the 4 spring clutch system isn't the greatest.
  5. Drtbkracer

    Coil CDI swap from 2004 to 2006

    Will a coil and CDI from a 2004 CRF250 fit on to a 2006 CRF250? I've been having problems starting it, I thought it was the valves at first, changed the plug and had the coil tested. Still no start need to check the CDI and stator. Checked the connections and kill switch all are good. Should have got a Yamaha
  6. I recently bought a 06 Crf 250 the other day I did an oil change on it and noticed that the tranny drain plug wasn't coming out all of the way and was wondering why it didn't, figured out that it was stripped. Has anyone had this problem and figured out a fix for it or to get it out completely? Thanks for the help
  7. Drtbkracer

    Bogging CRF250??

    I've searched on here for an answer for my bogging problem on my bike and have not found any solutions, anyways i was wondering if anyone has found a solution or solutions to the bogging. Thanks for the help