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  1. oh and i would delete this thread just for good measure!
  2. i only ride stuff that will not get me tickets. being that you have a street legal drz, you have many more options then those who don't. you can legally cruise around the state forests in nj. and out west aint any better, been there done that.
  3. these boards are monitored. i would never ride illegal trails. go to the track or get a tag (totally legal only) and ride the pine barrens.
  4. hope you are rich. you'll need all the money you can get to fill that v10 pig up.
  5. never even thought twice about it when i switched to ktm 3+ years ago. just adapted.
  6. illegal you know these are "public" boards right?
  7. that's strange, mine has a stator as does my buddy's. yes the sx's came with stators. just not great for lights. i run lights off mine. they work ok as long as i keep the revs up.
  8. wow! if only they could read some of the shit you post about them(blacks) on here.
  9. man that sucks. my buddy had his bike stolen liek 2 months ago ago but we got it back. retards just rode it around in the town next to us so it was easy to find. not alot of ktm 450s running around here. hope you find it. also, is that your wrx in the pick?
  10. there are tons of old warehouse sites in and around trenton that they could use. but i would guess trying to pull all the permits for a place like this is a major pain in the ass.
  11. man we used to got to trenton all the time in the 80/90s to see bands at a little club called city gardens. it was in the GHETTO!! but i have lived in worse neighborhoods in philly so what ever. yea punkrock, there's lots of blacks around there and we all know how much you like the blacks.
  12. kinda like sportbikes?
  13. well he has been here 15 days now!
  14. oh, nevermind, i thought this was about a chick i know.
  15. you've never been to europe huh? supermotos everywear. get teh super moto and buy a set of dirt wheels for it. the new drz supermoto is SWEET!!!!