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  1. Thanx for the info Bibleman!!!
  2. Geez guys this sounds kinda technical. Any chance of a diagram so I can try and understand what is going on... Cheers, Steve
  3. Couldn't you just buy a stronger factory spring which takes more weight?
  4. Okies... Feeling a bit dumb abt this but I don't know what reeds are. Can someone please explain to me what this is? Does the engine have to come apart for this?
  5. Hiya Peeps I am strongly looking at buying a Brand New CR85. What are the best mods to do to the bike? What kind of power gains should I expect? Cheers, Steve
  6. Hey Bibleman Excellent to hear! Tell me have you modded your bike at all? Does the CR85 benefit well from a power pipe? Or have you left your CR85 stock? Cheers, Steve
  7. Hiya Peeps I am considering buying a 06 CR85R but I weigh 75kgs. Will this struggle to carry my weight? The CR is purely for fun and to blow a few of my mates away and their chinese 125 bikes. What are the pro's & cons for this type of bike? Cheers, Steve
  8. Yep I have had similar issues, I do a buzz around in the evening when noone can ID me...
  9. Hi I was wondering where you scored your Thumpstar from? You got it for a good price. I am presuming your are from Perth..?
  10. Now take a deep breath guys and repeat after me... WooooSSaaaahhh!!!
  11. Pics! Pics! Pics!!!
  12. Check fiddyguru's mini CRF50 in the posted pic below. This is a benchmark that has been well set!
  13. Constructive criticism guys! The guy is after advice... Besides I'd like to know why they are Dumpstars as I am tossing up between the Thumpstar and a Motovert Pro...
  14. I am presuming when looking at the pic it has a URL at the top..? ex http://pic Copy this URL. Then when you reply to the thread you have an option up the top which looks like a small envelope. Click on this. You will get a pop up box which U paste the whole URL in... Then you click okay.... Hope this helps. If not peeps step in!!!