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  1. Darken

    06 Cr85r

    Thanx for the info Bibleman!!!
  2. Darken

    Puzzled by CR85 comparison

    Geez guys this sounds kinda technical. Any chance of a diagram so I can try and understand what is going on... Cheers, Steve
  3. Darken

    06 Cr85r

    Couldn't you just buy a stronger factory spring which takes more weight?
  4. Darken

    Basic Mods for 06 CR85

    Okies... Feeling a bit dumb abt this but I don't know what reeds are. Can someone please explain to me what this is? Does the engine have to come apart for this?
  5. Darken

    Basic Mods for 06 CR85

    Hiya Peeps I am strongly looking at buying a Brand New CR85. What are the best mods to do to the bike? What kind of power gains should I expect? Cheers, Steve
  6. Darken

    06 Cr85r

    Hey Bibleman Excellent to hear! Tell me have you modded your bike at all? Does the CR85 benefit well from a power pipe? Or have you left your CR85 stock? Cheers, Steve
  7. Darken

    06 Cr85r

    Hiya Peeps I am considering buying a 06 CR85R but I weigh 75kgs. Will this struggle to carry my weight? The CR is purely for fun and to blow a few of my mates away and their chinese 125 bikes. What are the pro's & cons for this type of bike? Cheers, Steve
  8. Darken

    Stupid Neighbors

    Yep I have had similar issues, I do a buzz around in the evening when noone can ID me...
  9. Darken

    06' thumpstar 125 pro or provert 125

    Hi I was wondering where you scored your Thumpstar from? You got it for a good price. I am presuming your are from Perth..?
  10. Darken


    Now take a deep breath guys and repeat after me... WooooSSaaaahhh!!!
  11. Darken

    Mods for crf50

    Pics! Pics! Pics!!!
  12. Darken

    Mods for crf50

    Check fiddyguru's mini CRF50 in the posted pic below. This is a benchmark that has been well set!
  13. Darken

    ssr better then thumpstar?

    Constructive criticism guys! The guy is after advice... Besides I'd like to know why they are Dumpstars as I am tossing up between the Thumpstar and a Motovert Pro...
  14. Darken

    help posting pix

    I am presuming when looking at the pic it has a URL at the top..? ex http://pic Copy this URL. Then when you reply to the thread you have an option up the top which looks like a small envelope. Click on this. You will get a pop up box which U paste the whole URL in... Then you click okay.... Hope this helps. If not peeps step in!!!