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  1. BeachBoy

    One more reason to hate quads.

    hey un autre québécois:) je retourne au quebec avec mon WR cet été.. rfdonnelly: '05 are green sticker, just the '03 and '04 are red in Cali.
  2. BeachBoy

    Another Successful CA. plated WR426!

    I started checking on fixing the trailtech permanently. you can switch the stock odometer plate but I will make a bracket because I think it still puts the trailtech too low and not centered.
  3. BeachBoy

    wr450f at highway speeds

    I'll confirm with my friend, but we were riding along him with a ZX6R and he told me I was right there with him at 95mph I'll check if I have stock gearing, because I bought the bike used and the guy did trail riding he might have changed the sproket sizes. What is the stock one on a '03?
  4. BeachBoy

    Acerbis fender

    I have one sitting at home, not installed yet, planning to do so this week.
  5. BeachBoy

    Stotts or GPR

    I have a scotts on my 450, it's pretty neat I must say I welded my pin ont he frame, I think it's better this way i can take pictures if youw ant
  6. BeachBoy

    Another Successful CA. plated WR426!

    I will start installing it tonight, will show you pics. I still haven't received my stand in the mail so canT' install my 17" supermoto sheels, but I'll start installing the Lynx permanently tonight and show the step-by=step
  7. BeachBoy

    wr450f at highway speeds

    I run stock gearing on stock wheels with street tire son highway up to 100+mph no problem
  8. BeachBoy

    Lowering Yamaha wr450

    why do you want to lower it? I gues syou just have to drop the forks in the triple clamps like on a sprotbike
  9. BeachBoy

    Suzuki drz400 SM? dirt worthy? (newbie)

    hum, I don't know, I'm not into suzukis, maybe you're right then. But I'm pretty sure it's set up for street and not for dirtbike, so stock it would probably bottom out and rebounce like crazy if jumping a lot
  10. BeachBoy

    Suzuki drz400 SM? dirt worthy? (newbie)

    well in my opinion, it's enough I'm not talking a WR or CRF, the DRZ is street setup. I did not think it could jump that much
  11. BeachBoy

    Another Successful CA. plated WR426!

    you don't, have to mount it on the handlebar, you can flip your stock trip odometer plate and mount it there. The remote is mounted on the handlebar, I put it on the left side. Mine is still temporary installed but I'm planning to set it up permanently tonight or thursday
  12. BeachBoy

    Another Successful CA. plated WR426!

    I have a trailtech Lynx odo and it rocks I can even switch the ratio for my dirt setup and it has lap timer and such.
  13. BeachBoy

    supermotard bike? reccomendations!!

    I ride my WR on the highway no problem... it haulls until about 100mph. I don't get the wind thing... I run sitting straight on my R6 and have as much wind as on the WR, I drive my boat at speed and have as much wind (and no helmet), etc. sure highway is boring, but it's boring whatever you're riding in/on unless it's a limousine with a bunch of very horny chicks. as for oil changes, I do them every ~250 miles but I just change the top part, I don,t mess with changing everything since I change it very often and I check filter about every 3 oil change. Also it takes really not much oil so it's not a pain to do.
  14. BeachBoy

    Suzuki drz400 SM? dirt worthy? (newbie)

    there was a video of some guy jumping pretty intense with his DRZ like 2-3 ft of air, on asphalt
  15. BeachBoy

    CRF450R suspension swap

    damn, too back I have a yamaha I'd love to do a swap