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  1. Dinggus

    Wanna see a redneck?

    That was hilarious, I hope he wears a nut cup.
  2. You can tell it is fake, what a useless post. I consider this spamming, morons.
  3. Dinggus

    best video ever!

    I recommend if your old enough to get a heart attack, to not watch this.
  4. Dinggus

    do i need to lose weight or keep it the same

    Seems pretty big, I dont see how theres muscle in there. Just work out and run
  5. Dinggus

    Bulking up

    Just work out and drink Weight Gainer, I recommend Muscle Milk, best tasting protein out there.
  6. Dinggus

    I need to lose weight

    Running is good, you can at least run a mile. I'm 18, 6'3-6'4 and weight 187lbs. I started working out 7-8months ago, and started at 206lbs, so I lost 19lbs. Best thing to do, is run and work out. I recommend eatting breakfest, or at least have Whey Protein 2-3 times a day. Breakfest is the most important meal of the day, and try laying off the fast food. Because that isn't going to help at all. As for my diet, I just eat what ever and just work out. This summer I'm going on a 4-5 meal a day. Just gotta eat right, and as for meals, just like snacks to keep your stomach not empty and speeds up your metabolism, and maybe 1-2 of thoses meals will be a protein shake/bar.
  7. Dinggus

    Kdx 220

    I think I'm going to buy it
  8. Dinggus

    Kdx 220

    Okay well, my friends said the bike is 1997, and I'd have to get a new chain and new spockets soon. As for power band, they said it doesn't go up as quick as most 2 strokes, they said it is sorta like a 4 stroke with the power band, rides smooth. As from what I heard, it already has alot of mods on it.
  9. Dinggus

    Kdx 220

    Well, I'm not really sure if theres that 'something else'. Everytime they go riding, they clean power wash their bikes the day they get back or the next day. So yeah its clean. I think that 'something else' was to fix the seat, its just zip tided to the plastic right now. So, power bands is what? More power on take off?
  10. Dinggus

    Kdx 220

    Well are the bikes good bikes? He said it will climb hills easy and its easy to handle.
  11. Dinggus

    Broken Bones!!!

    I fractured my right thumb from trying to catch a football But from riding, none, since I dont have a bike. Looks like you guys do alot of Yard Sales, can't wait to join in
  12. Dinggus

    DR. Doesn't want me to ride

    Nope, but good luck on dying Just kidding, here is some resources Read this one first: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atrial_Fibrillation Then maybe this one: http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=4451
  13. Dinggus

    Kidney stones......

    Nope, thats why I drink more water than soda. Good luck pissing thoses out, if you cant, you'd have to get surgery
  14. Dinggus


    You do know that yokes are bad for you, stop watching Rocky. --- Just drink a protein shake, replaces the meal
  15. Dinggus

    What is this noise?

    Sorry that my friend hasn't replied back. He's been only visiting the site basically at school, and doesn't want to get into trouble posting I have no clue on hwo the bike is now though.