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  1. i'm pretty sure its a cali bike in NY...RIGHT???? cuz i think asked him about the suspension a while ago.......
  2. rob450

    Giving the sport a bad name

    to defend my post above in stead of "JUSTICE system" i will say a few members of the law enforcement like the badge number on my ticket...to avoid a beating from members on here who like their law inforcement/ justice system, not saying i dont appreciate the hard working ones
  3. rob450

    Giving the sport a bad name

    WOW those guys are awesome glad to see cops cracking down on seat belt/speeding laws!!!...is that what i need to do to not get tickets, gotta love the JUSTICE system, i got a ticket the other day 10 mins after i got home because the cop said it "LOOKED" like i was speeding on a streeet 2 miles away from my house...what state where they in, anyone know??
  4. rob450

    biggest rider youve ever seen?

    dont have a pic but my buddys uncle is an Ex-Olympic lifter, at about 6'8" 315, came out to the the track last week with him and loaded a 250 effortlessly with out a ramp in to the back of a toyota with a 4 inch lift just because he could....pretty cool to see
  5. did the core get messed up at all? looks good though, slap a FMF sticker on it and sell it to get a new one..haha
  6. searched with no result..i always thought that spring swap with revalve went hand in hand but my buddy thinks he should do a (REAR) spring swap without revalve, im not sure if he should go for it just because i usually have it done at the same time, ANY ADVICE???
  7. rob450

    New best looking bike contest?

    nice KX what year?? i tried to have only a 450 but its not working out i need to get a smoker to go with my KX450, how do u like it??
  8. rob450

    '06 Exhaust Db rating?

    Wholesalemx.com, i had to call them its the same one thats in the Ti powecore and i think FMF will sell u one direct, but Whole sale Mx usually ships the same day 2day express
  9. rob450

    Holeshot photo needed, please help!!

    u need it to be amatures? i think i saw a few on TWMX.com a while ago, ill see if i can find them..
  10. rob450

    seat cover???

    awesome guys i got some vinyl/leather cleaner came right off thanks for the advice, bike doesnt look as beat now....haha
  11. kinda looks like the pros PC pipes..is it stock?
  12. anyone here with black inner legged boots or pants get black marks the side of the seat cover and anyone figure a way to get it clean?? (posted in the KX450f forum also cuz i that is the bike that i have had it happen to me)
  13. rob450

    seat cover???

    anyone here with black inner legged boots or pants get black marks the side of the seat cover and anyone figure a way to get it clean??
  14. rob450

    idk what to get

    250 two stroke...seem to keep you going, 450s get boring to me im on my third 450 and wish i would have bought another 2 stroke since the first one but you will hear different things from different people every time and almost every bike the big 5 puts out are going to be great bikes from 2002 up...
  15. y isnt that in the hotness thread?? haha....