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  1. Supergleep

    New XTRIG pre-load adjustor

    The '05 Showa is the same as the '06-'09 as near as I can tell. Same shock body at least. I spent a good chunk of my afternoon trying to find a U.S. source to buy one of these and was coming up dry, so I was excited to see that you were carrying them. Any chance you can GET a Showa version? Thanks Dave.
  2. Supergleep

    New XTRIG pre-load adjustor

    Dave, do you have one of these that would fit a Showa shock? '05 CRF250X to be specific.
  3. Supergleep

    Shock spring removal?

    Your '08 250X has a Showa shock. I started to type up a long-winded explanation, but then remembered this video from Factory Connection. Factory Connection Showa spring removal video Easy!
  4. Supergleep

    MX-Tech's SKF Seal "Torture Test"

    Alright! Y'all have convinced me. I'm gonna have to order a set of these Green Meanies to try out for myself. I too am curious if the $34 is per fork leg? I'm assuming that's the case, but want to make sure before I order.
  5. Supergleep

    Kashima Coating

    Sorry to dig up up an old post, but I found the following on Kashima in my own quest to figure out "What is this stuff?" This is translated from the http://www.kashima-coat.com/kashimacoat.html website from the original Japanese. The best I can understand is that it's Molybdenum impregnated hard-anodize, hence the vaunted lubricity. Here's the translation: Kashima coat is co., Ltd. is the abrasion resistance of improved lubrication features to give the research developed Miyake, hard alumite lubrication anodised aluminium. Anodised aluminium (Anodic oxidation) was generated advance film of molybdenum disulfide countless hole that empty lined up regularly in lubrication of substances in the inclusion and increasingly. From the bottom of anodised aluminium fine hole is molybdenum insects, will fill in the hole. Iterations of the right of "hard + lubrication" 1 per located divisor billion-700 million. That helps a Kashima coat abrasion resistance compared to hard alumite significantly improve. Molybdenum disulfide is a solid with lubricity substances. "Molybdenum" and the engine lubricating additives such as that it is. Traditionally, lubrication of anodised aluminium, Teflon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide, disulfide tungsten as was small at most 0.3 was how things m2 of particle size to coating and baking in organic binder, etc. particle size and anodised aluminium pore size of variances from anodised aluminium fine hole in including soak view could not be. However, Kashima coat is from the base part only film thickness molybdenum including let immersed. To electrolytic anode secondary to a molybdenum disulfide anions of テトラチオ molybdenum acid ammonium and negative and positive reaction from the base of molybdenum stops will continue.