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    riding near logan

    I had an old XR500 and it was a real challenge making some of those switchbacks with big rocks around. A smaller, lighter, slower bike would have worked better. And I never went all the way up - just until snow covered the trail too much to ride through, which was soon after the trail moved out onto the southwest face a little. So I'm not sure about the top of the trail, but it was a fun ride to that point. If the trail does go, it'd be a fun loop riding down the back side. The topo makes it look like I got onto the hard part and that it doesn't get any worse than that - so it's a challenging ride, but it looks doable. If in doubt, ride up the back and down Dry Canyon.
  2. rsq27

    riding near logan

    I grew up riding in Logan and there are tons of great trails, though some of them now have homes built on them and I don't know what's open, but here are a few of my best memories: 1. Green Canyon's the next one north of Logan Canyon and is SO CLOSE. 2. The German Dougway is north, nearly to Idaho, and you can ride it over to the scenic Bloomington Lake (with rope swing) which is nearly to Bear Lake. 3. Dry Canyon's the next one south of Logan Canyon. We'd carry our skis in the spring, then hike and jump off the cornices. 4. And if you don't mind jeep roads, Right Hand Fork (past the girl's camp) goes on forever up to Logan Peak or Blacksmith Fork Canyon. You'll find plenty more....