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  1. BND4DRT

    04 SMR 450 carb/fuel?

    If you still have the original valves I'd put money on that being your problem. Check your valve clearances first. Good thing is on these bikes checking and adjusting valves is EASY.
  2. BND4DRT

    2004 TC 450 power delivery?

    I have an 04 TC450 I love the bike. I bought it new and row it exclusively in the So Cal desert/baja regions. It has done very well as an open desert bike. But the power delivery is NOT friendly. It delivers like a wound up 2 stroke. The TC has a5 speed gear box and it is geared really close and low (top speed is probably around 70 or 75 wound out).
  3. BND4DRT

    Totem Lake Mall, Kirkland Washington

    Crap! I missed you guys by one month!! im relocating to Redmond on July 4! Would have loved to have made this event.
  4. BND4DRT

    SM wheels Q

    Thank you for the info! I've always ridden dirt, so all the SM stuff is new to me.
  5. BND4DRT

    SM wheels Q

    Has anyone had any experience with these? http://www.tboltmotocross.com/kawasaki-kx125-heavy-duty-rims-&-spokes-xtreme-supermoto-wheel-set-dna-p-1018.html?osCsid=ca26149e7e0112d3f7aa23c6e0eb2bcf I'm looking for my next upgrade and considering the amount of street riding I do on a DRZ400S, I'm seriously thinking my next purchase might end up being a SM kit. Am I better off trying to find some kind of kit for it, or just piecing it together? I'll also take any other information/suggestions anyone feels like throwing out there on this topic. Thanks,
  6. So a quick question about this topic: Is the Yama petcock a vacuum petcock? I hate the stock vacuum job on the 400S.
  7. Hmmm, sounds fun, I'm moving to the Seattle area in July. Maybe I can make the run over to you and make some new friends!
  8. BND4DRT

    400 sm longevity?

    I bought my '06 almost exactly one year ago. I found it on Craigslist, it was listed as having 13,500 MILES. I was a little hesitant about buying a dirtbike with that many miles, but when I got there I disovered it actually had 13,500 KILOMETERS. So that was a nice little surprise (dropping the actual MILAGE by about 5100 MILES). I've used her as a commuter and for weekend rides, including one San Diego to Las Vegas dual-sport. The only real issue I've had with her so far has been the countershaft backing out and dumping all the oil out on that dual-sport. I've now done all the usual fixes to her and she's run like a clock for me. I now have just over 22,000 km and really don't see anything slowing her down. My pure desert bike is an '04 Husky TC450. The drz doesn't put out anywhere near the hp of the Husky or have the handling, but she's street legal, and nothing stops her. I'm planning some upgrades this year, starting with an MRD and rejet. I want to see how she feels after those changes before I decide what to do next. I really think the next step might be a SM kit since I ride so much on the street, but either way, I've been exceptionally happy with the DRZ, you don't buy one expecting to win hare-scrambles with it, you buy one for the plate and dependability. PS. Thank you Suzuki for building a workhorse like the DRZ and also for keeping it virtually unchanged for such a long time, it has helped the aftermarket and all us owners more than most give it credit for.
  9. BND4DRT

    3x3 and JD jetting success

    Thanks for the help Craigo, I've got it and my mix screw ordered, and am looking forward to tearing into yet another part of the bike when they get here!
  10. BND4DRT

    3x3 and JD jetting success

    I'm trying to order my jet kit but I can't figure out which kit to order. The TT shop has 2 different kits showing that fit a DRZ400S 2005, the JDS005 or JDS010. Does anyone have any advice as to which kit I should be ordering? The descriptions in the TT shop give no indication to help with choice. Thanks
  11. +1 wanting to know how many miles/km's you got outta your first set.
  12. BND4DRT

    temporary mrd/ssw quieting

    The write up would be great. I'm looking at the MRD SSW pipe for my bike, but am worried about the noise as well. I've got an S model but use it as a commuter a lot and usually don't get home until late (about 10:30 or so) and don't wanna wake the whole neighborhood up each night. Thanks!
  13. BND4DRT

    2 qt oil dump!!!

    That's exactly that I was looking for. I didn't want to try to fix this issue and only end up with a bandaid when I needed more. Thanks for the clarification. Next noon question: am I gonna be splitting the case for this repair or is it all done from the left side? I'm still new to the DRZ but I have done plenty of work including splitting the case and pulling the top end out of my husky tc450. I have a clymer manual but not a Suzuki manual and I haven't even started to really figure out how much time this may take me. thanks again.
  14. BND4DRT

    2 qt oil dump!!!

    hmmm.... where to start? last week we had our first true dual-sport ride, San Diego to Las Vegas. 2 days, 5 bikes, 450 miles, and months of planning. GREAT ride!!! however, my bike only made it halfway. Towards the end of day one my bike decided to dump all 2 quarts of oil while on a strech of blacktop. Luckily, one of my riding buddies made it up next to me and flagged me over (he's still cleaning oil off his boots and bike!) before I hit a curve too fast and went down, as the rear tire was totally covered in oil. We pulled the front sprocket cover off and found that the nut holding the front sprocket to the countershaft was nearly completely stripped and the countershaft had recessed enough to dump all my oil. We did the best roadside repair we could, we got the nut to bite a little and that pulled the countershaft back out to the point that it would seal and got oil back into my bike. I rode the last 80+ miles that way into Barstow. I had no luck finding any shops with a new nut around us and was just too nervous about pushing on as we'd be in open desert for much of day two and I didn't want to totally destroy my bike. I have read in the FAQ section about the locktite fix for this problem (and it being an issue of the seal flattening out and not the nut, as the nut is a byproduct of the seal deforming). What I'm confused about is, do I need to replace anything other than the nut now that my countershaft has backed out and I've pulled it back into place by tightning the sprocket nut? Any additional information would be great! The other 4 all made it all the way to Vegas and had a GREAT ride on day 2, it looks like I'll just have to wait for next year to make it all the way!
  15. BND4DRT

    reserve position on petcock & tank cleaning

    OK, so now for a question that'll show my noob-ness to a DRZ... I've only owned bikes with petcocks that have "on", "off", and "res" positions. what the heck do I set the petcock to when I want to remove the tank or pull the fuel line? I would really rather not take a gasoline shower! Thanks