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  1. find some fat bars that feel nice perferably some renthals or pro tapers
  2. anyone know where I can buy the left side of a radiator for a yz250f cheaper than $250 and have it here by thurs or friday
  3. wish i had some pics on the computer I ride evrything show me a trail,climb whatever and Ill do it get some this weekend and post em
  4. I love cali Lived in santa cruz mountains my whole life but Ive been in so cal for 2months now and im loving the riding down here its alot different than up north
  5. n e 1 got any helpful directions to some good jumps out there Im goin out there for the weekend
  6. heard about clear creek f#$*in sierra club is tryin to shut down a majority of it go to save clear
  7. I go out to hollister almost every weekend and the best trails you are going to find are unmarked go up to the top of the mountain to high road and you will find alot of gnarly trails leading down the mountain or go to the backside
  8. all I got to say is run synthetic if you want your motor to las you longer pay top dollar for the best oil its cheaper than buying a new motor
  9. go with the 250f that bike has enough power to take me anywhere and fast
  10. for sure you will love the difference too
  11. I've ridden the wr and own the yz much more pleased with everything on the yz