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    What to buy for a taller rider?

    Thnx for the info, but after my experience with muscling the WR400 around in the sand I'm concerned about going with another enduro model when dune riding. I could see how it would be great on the beach and in the whoops, but would it be out of place hefting a 550 or 650 enduro around in the dunes and jumping it, etc? Aren't they more at home in the desert flats? I'm interested in the TC-510 and plan on making a trip to our regional dealer to check out the ergo's on it, but is the power much of a step up from a 450? Huskyfatman, the '04 YZ definitely has a massive hit on the bottom, much more so than the other 450's I've rode, even the more recent 5 speed YZ's.
  2. waterboy1

    What to buy for a taller rider?

    Yeah thats about right runarpet. My YZ is great. I just dont feel like a part of the bike and I prefer standing up so it feels like a mini under me even after the ergo mods. So I just want something bigger so I can feel like a part of the bike and while I'm at it something with a bigger engine too. Dune riding has been a progressive thing for me with motorcycles. The wr400 I had was the first motorcycle I ever rode. Once I got use to being on the sand with it I became quite bored with the power and heavy feel so I switched to the YZ. Its been a great bike, I beat the crap out of it and havn't had any problems, but just like with the WR I've become bored with it and want something more. I dont want to lose that light flick of a wrist feel the YZ has, so whichever bike still has that feel in larger ergo package is the way I'd like to go. I envy watching smaller riders zip around on their jap bikes like its a part of them and want something that fits that way when I ride it.
  3. waterboy1

    What to buy for a taller rider?

    Thanks for the info guys. So whats the power like on the 500's and the 650 compared to the 450's? That 650 berg looks badass. 20lb's over my yz though, I wonder what the things like when you try whipping around some witcheyes and jumping sand dunes though. On paper, going from what the specs are, both the husqvarna and husaberg are quite close to having the same dimensions as my yz though. Is this one of those have to go sit on it first to real notice any difference things, or do the specs not tell the whole story?
  4. waterboy1

    What to buy for a taller rider?

    Hi all, after reading these forums for a bit I thought I'd share my dilema with you and hopefully get some insight on what open class bike to purchase. I'm 6'7" 250 and my '04 yz 450 just isnt cutting it anymore. I want something bigger and with more power. I'm not interested in a clunky xr650, but I know nothing about the other open class bikes other than what I've been reading on these forums and what I've read on the ktm, husaberg, and husqvarna websites about their open class bikes. What would I fit on best? Of those which one has a nice light mx feel like a 450. I started out on a '99 wr400 and got tired of the heavy and clunky feel of that thing when riding in the sand pretty quick. Basically I'd just like the bigger and badder version of my yz. 95% of my ride time is at the sand dunes.