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  1. I race motocross, Im just too big for the 125. Im heading up to his house this weekend to try the bike out and look it over.
  2. yes, they are 7/8
  3. Arai VX-Pro, Windham Red Replica Spy Magneto Windham replica 2007 Thor Core Wonka gear 2007 Thor Core Blue/White gear 2003 Red Bull KTM Alpinestars gear Thor Sentinel, black Alpinestar Tech 10's, white
  4. I have a full exhaust I'll sell you off of my 06 cheap if you're interested, PM me
  5. some pictures of Works CR125's, either the older ones from before the production rule came into effect, or more recent ones from over in Japan or Europe. Thanks!
  6. $2000?!? :ride:
  7. good job on being completely ignorant, both of you. Handling may have been a bad trait of KTM in the past, but they have really stepped up their game. The 06-07 KTM's are heads and shoulders about their predecesors, you wont have trouble adjusting to the suspension at all. They are great handling bikes, just as good as the jap bikes.
  8. I could be wrong, but 51 looks like Justin Barcia, hes faaast
  9. Thor Core Gear-Blue and white Thor Core Gear-Wonka Spy Magneto Windham Signature goggles Renthal Black rear sprocket Renthal front sprocket Renthal Works R1 420 chain new BMX bike- DK Four pack FMF Factory Fatty Playstation 3 Ice skates Pre-prints
  10. PM'ed you about the hubs
  11. Im thinking about going to Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, and in a few years Im hoping to be a mechanic for a National team. I was curious about what the lifestyle of being a mechanic on a National team is like, Traveling, Salary definately, etc. Thanks!
  12. Stewarts front rim: looks like a U shaped DID from a few years back?
  13. definately! I would take one of those Honda's over any bike today!
  14. That is Thorpe's CR500, they look very similar