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  1. Fred823B

    07 kingquad won't charge.

    check the stator output and then to the regulator/rectifier. Sounds like it is missing a ground.
  2. There should be a hole on the side of the cylinder. Blow it out with air.
  3. Fred823B

    When asking for help/advice

    Since no one has posted to this, I second what you have said. I have given out many specs and possible fixes to people, only to never hear from them again. They'd be upset if we didn't bother to respond to help them out..
  4. Looks more like a MX race to me? Did you guys ever go into the woods?
  5. Fred823B

    DR 200 starter problem!

    Take a multimeter, set to ohms, connect one end to starter button output, one to starter motor input. Press starter button. If you see OL or OFL, you have a break somewhere in the wire. Could be fuse.
  6. Fred823B

    DRZ250 - Need help fast-Ignition problem??

    Might sound crazy, but check the vent line for your fuel tank.
  7. Fred823B

    Blown valve cover - questions

    The suzuki is a hard bike to have the gaskets line up perfectly to seal correctly, but not impossible. I know you say the bike is in mint condition, but my question was, did the bike sit for a while? The gasket could have slightly lost its seal. If it were my bike, I would just take it off, inspect it and take some yamabond or some RTV and smear a very light film around. Be sure not to over do it though. If this were a customers bike, I'd say cover yourself down the road and buy a new gasket.
  8. Fred823B

    10 Hour Endurance Race

  9. Fred823B

    10 Hour Endurance Race

    Any Intermediate riders want to team up for the event? I'm looking for 2 other riders. PM me.
  10. Fred823B

    Official Croom thread

    I saw the deer one time when I was pulling down the road. Very cool. It was hanging out with 2 other regular ones and the others jumped the fence, but this one couldnt find a way over as it is a bit shorter than the rest. Then, later that day I saw it around the same spot in the trails with its two mates. Sorry I missed everyone on saturday. I was waiting for a phone call from a classmate to go ride, waited till 11 and finally just left. Got there and unloaded, rode for 20mins to the pit and back to heat up my chain.. Came back to give er' the old lube juice and I noticed I was missing quite a lot of teeth! So needless to say, that ended my day.
  11. Fred823B

    Official Croom thread

    Hope to see everyone in the morning.
  12. Fred823B

    Official Croom thread

    I park in the back away from the parking lot heros
  13. Fred823B

    Official Croom thread

    Sure man. Im not too fast or anything, so anyone is welcome to ride with me. I have a red dodge 2500 and a 250xcf with 823c.
  14. Fred823B

    Official Croom thread

    I will be going this saturday. Gonna be riding the single track.
  15. Fred823B

    Croom 11/1

    Im at the same level. The B was from my quad days, so now I sport 823C on the ktm. I'm coming from orlando, so I should be there around 9ish also.