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  1. Hards

    07' 400E Problems?

    Off idle bog, normal. There are mods to reduce it. I say...more wrist my friend:ride:
  2. Hards

    Clutch pull easier + Iridium thanks

    Sorry not on here often, yes it was a CR7HIX plug and it was $18 i bought locally from a dealer so cant help with a supplier.
  3. Thanks to advice here on making the clutch pull on my son's xr80 easier I installed a cr lever assembly. It's made a big difference and now is much easier to dis engage. Also, after whacking in an iridium plug the bike has never run so well. Anyone struggling (like I was) to keep their kids interested in a bike that's not ideal for a new rider first up, should definitely try these out first I think my lad has just discovered the joy of it all after a trouble free weekend. Thanks to you all
  4. Hards

    How many Miles on your DRZ E

    Check this, http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/showthread.php?t=21792