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  1. I agree with you about the 400...my friends 300 exc has that extra power and weight...i understand what your talking about the shifting gears (you can get away being in only one gear going uphill ( I at times will have to downshift )etc...but I have a feeling that being a novice to dirtbike riding..the light weight is teaching me how to manuver shift my weight around and be quicker with selecting proper gears being balanced and also carefull with the 2 strokes instant power...I can see where a more experienced rider who knows how to properly manuver a bike in turns, up hils etc. would appreciate the biggger bike....cheers
  2. podomoto

    Just joined the KTM family!!!

    Newbie with KTM (5,10" 185lbs ride technical east coast trails) Just got a new xc-w 200 2009 switched from a wr 250f...........Oh my god what a difference weight, suspension manuverability etc. wasted 3 years riding the wr (heavy bad high center of gravity)....I just rediscovered a new sport.....KTM is the King of Enduro.
  3. Hey i'm a novice enduro rider...I was riding a wr 250 f for the past 3 years..we ride the tight rocky wet stuff in the east...I was always on deffencive with my bike...very difficult to manage on technical stuff...I almost gave the sport up this summer....until my friend told me to try his exc 300.....Wow it was night and day...so I went to the KTM dealer and got the xc-w 200...30 40 lbs lighter than my yamaha...xc-w weight is 209 lbs. I could not believe how manuverable this bike is..after 3 years riding my wr i'm only now starting to understand how to trully ride a dirt bike (leaning in on the turns ..shifting my weight around to play around with traction etc. My friend told me that his 300 exc would be that much better on the rocky hill climbs...butt you can ride up those climbs in 2nd or 3rd nice and slow torquing your way up...the 200 is so light you can make those quicker direction changes between rocks and avoid trouble. etc etc etc. In my novice rider's opinion the guys at KTM were spot on suggesting this bike for me...it's a confidence building bike...never overpowering me yet has plenty still to give...I learned after one ride that keeping it in a higher gear you don't get that snappy nervous power but that nicer enduro gradual power with still plenty of response when needed. As for the suspension it simply kicks ass..unbelievable... Amazing bike!
  4. So...funny I too placed an order ...I tried to reach the store a few times...I almost left a message calling him Billy where??? Are you still in business??? Can anybody tel me if Billy boy is still up and running as of June 2007? Has anybody else had problems receiveing their order from him? Canada wr250f
  5. How much of my feet should be touching the ground (when not moving) I noticed on a video that david Knight seems to have his seat height fairly low...Is this simply because of his height, or lowered bike. I can touch the balls of my feet but I think i'd like to have a lower bike (I ride wrf 250 I'm 5"10) We tend to ride a lot of technical stuff......Appreciate your expertise