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  1. bullant47

    chain through engine case

    sorry guys, ive been away. yeah the chain went into the saver so hard it ripped a massive hole in the case where the saver bolts in. the saver is still sweet. lesson learnt the hard way by my mate! never ride with a damaged chain gide.
  2. bullant47

    chain through engine case

    hey guys, a mate of mine had his chain come off and go through his engine case. its a 2001cr 250. can anyone tell me if a 2002 left side case will fit. thanks guys
  3. bullant47

    Lets Talk Oils

    Hi, reconranger, We used to race a Nissan Skyline Turbo and were very interested in using the best oil we could find. The best information I found was writted on "www.skylineowners.com" by a guy called "oilman" He talks all the common oils including Elf F1 oils which by the nature of F1 have to be good oils. Anybody interested can do an advanced search on that forum and search by author and find some very informative stuff on oil. Nodoubt oils used in NASCAR and Indy racing must be good too.
  4. bullant47

    PRO X titanium valves?

    I just paid around Aust.$700 for 4 Xceldyne valves from RAMS... Aparantly they never had any comebacks.
  5. bullant47

    new exhaust for a 06

    Hi, I'm in Australia and I bought a CHM SM1 from Pipecity for $300ish US, which is less than $400Aust. I was in the US at the time and had it mailed to my address in the US free. They are very light and shouldn't cost that much to ship to Australia. They take Mastercard and you can do over the phone. Hope that helps Ian NSW.
  6. bullant47

    EEEK! Valve Cover Bolt Causes Costly Repair

    I bought a Valve Cover bolt alone for the CRF250R last week from a Honda dealer and it was less than $3.00 Austrlian.They are avalable without buying a Head.
  7. bullant47

    how do i adjust the idle?

    thanks mate, your a champ!
  8. bullant47

    how do i adjust the idle?

    Hi i have a 2003 kx 250. Can someone please tell me how to turn my idle up. it is a Keihin carby. thanks ian
  9. bullant47

    Average Joe Ride Report

    Those pics will be great Bodyman. Thanks Ian
  10. bullant47

    Average Joe Ride Report

    Great news BlacksCreek, I have an 04 as well and would love to make the same mods. Did RHC have to modify the barrel for the Oil Squirter? Ian
  11. bullant47

    How much do new 06 Heads cost?

    I would like to know how much do new 06 CRF250R heads cost and do they come with valves and cam. Do they come with anything else? Thanks in advance
  12. bullant47

    headwork on a 05 crf250 in oz.

    I'd be interested in this information as well. Anybody please??