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  1. kh42

    Need Help. DRZ experts on electrical

    i have sort of same prob yesterday started bike loaded it went to track unloaded and would not start, put new plug has lots of spark, drained and put in new gas??? ran battery dead trying , geting gas to carb etc......?????
  2. kh42

    Can someone educate me on a DRZ400????

    i ride mine on motox tracks all the time due to no other place to ride and have a great time had to adj the susp but after that its all you great fun, and it gets on the guys nervs that i have an e butten you cant beat that thing on a play bike. its fun to pass guys with mx bikes on somthing with a headlight.
  3. kh42

    KLX 400 owners....

    i ride mine at 3 palms in houston tx and she is a beast and will need some sring work but i will moto all day with my friends on crs etc im a 220 lber and lift weights quite a bit if i did not i dont think i could through this thing around at all just man handle it and keep going when you slam down from a double you better have a mouth guard !!!! and your neck nut under that Helmut