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    Why else would I be a member?

    Think I want another 300

    How about a bike for each style of riding.
  2. I really do not need a 4th bike. That is one nice bike.
  3. I had a job at a motorcycle shop in high school, so part time. I started out as a stock boy, I did move up to accessories after about 6 months. The key is if someone asks for help with something help them and if they do not ask for help but look confused help them too. I always kept an ear open to listen to others to learn. It worked for me. Good luck
  4. I weight 180lb without gear, 6-2". I switched from an 02 CRF450R to an 05 200EXC, Yes the power is not there compared to the 450, but for woods I definetly did not need the power of the 450. I do not feel like I can ride any faster on the 200, but I can last longer and I feel stable and more confident. I have really enjoyed my switch and I am very happy about it. Of course I still have the 450, if I feel so inclined to beat myself of some single track. As said before get more seat time. The only down side I found with the 200 is I did miss the big hit of the 450, I just needed to figure out how to ride the 200 and I did not care about it. The 450 definetly made me a lazier rider, since I new I had enough power to help me out. Ride the 200 for a few days if you can and see how you like it, also as stated try a 250 if you like having more power.

    Sierra Club Observation....

    I build power plants and the same stuff happens. When they can actually live without electricity, maybe we would not be building so many new plants.

    Not Pro Racing but a good story!

    Try showing up to one with a dual sport kit. People really looked at me weird having a CRF450R dual sport at a track, the blinkers are fun to mess around with on a track.

    The ULTIMATE hare scramble race bike?

    My 200exc for tight woods, CRF450R for desert, more open woods, my XR600, for the really open trails.


    Longer hours on a computer for mechanical, and you actually get to design something cool. Instead of a building.

    Good Woods Rinding In Az

    WORK, I should be riding that single track now.
  10. FELTHR

    Inside or outside?

    Couldn't have put it better. Keeps your head fitting inside your helmet. Ok, like said before it depends on the gear, also knee/shin guards on the insde.
  11. If I remember right, I think it was out in El Mirage OHV, there were a couple of cars stuffed into old mine shafts. Plenty of old houses wooden and stone in Nevada and of course coutless old cars.
  12. FELTHR

    Why this kid went from 4T to 2T

    I made the switch back to a 2st from my crf450r to 200exc, best switch ever.
  13. FELTHR

    Fmx ramp?

    Its a lot of fun, If I can find a pictures of our old wood ramp, I will post it. It was 8ft hight 14ft long, it had a nice kick to it.
  14. FELTHR

    Street Ride through CA Grapevine area?

    If you decide to do GMR check to see if it open, it usually gets closed because of stupid people. I used to live in Glendora. Go all the way from Mt. Baldy down, just watch out for rocks and retards, people in vehicles always go to fast (hence always being shut down) on the road.
  15. FELTHR


    I may see you at wing mountain then. Our bikes are not plated except my crf450r that won't be coming with me.