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    Motor and frame paint?

    Yeah Imron is good stuff. I have an old Ford truck that is painted in it. When I had the bed repaired after a wreck it was all they had in the shop at the time. They use it to paint cranes with. Only problem I see is that it is brittle as he@#. It seems to chip real easy, then again I don't remember seeing how big the rocks were that caused the chips in the first place. Just the BANG! and wondering what I hit. I have some freinds in the machine shop business, I am going to see if they can hook me up with someone to one finish it possibly. Oh well still looking around. Thanks.
  2. kilroy1

    Motor and frame paint?

    Yeah powder coating is an obivious choice. Just expensive. I am a cheap b#%trd and am looking for a cheap way to do it. I was not planning on completely sripping the frame and motor finishes. Just dressing the rusted area's on the frame and prepping the cases on the motor where the finish is worn through. Then spraying over it with a self etching primer followed by some paint. I don't mind the prep work its just time and I am not in a hurry. My son is helping me so it is a learning process for him as well. I am going to completely strip the exhaust pipe though and refinish with a high temp coating of some sort, maybe Jet hot. They seem to be reasonable, anybody know how durable they are? I am mainly looking a just sprucing the old girl up a bit you know more power, fresh paint, decals...it's really all it needs, the bike is rock solid. I thought about the suspension, not ready to sink that kind of money into it yet, maybe next year. Thanks for the info.
  3. kilroy1

    Motor and frame paint?

    Hey Guys, I have a little winter project I am working on. My 93 XR250R, I need some info sugestions. I am in the process of reworking my trail bike, doing all the Gordon mod's along with pulling the bike apart and beadblasting the frame and motor so i can put a fresh coat of paint on them. I am going to change the frame color to silver and leave the motor the same color. My question is what type of paint to use that will be durable and withstand the heat of the motor? I have a compressor and spray gun so it does not have to be rattlecan type paint. Not looking for professional finishes just something better than the worn out stuff on it now. TIA
  4. What about using a set of forks off of a XR70? I might be able to find a whole front end to use. Saw one on e-bay off of an 07. What mods would need to be made? I am a machinest so brackets and welding are not a problem. I also so saw the matching swingarm for sale as well. I would rather use stock Honda parts for ease of finding parts and a reliablity standpoint anyway. Any thoughts? Kilroy
  5. Thanks for the info guys. I was looking on flea bay and found some 50 caliber front forks. Anybody know about these? Are they going to fold like a couple of straws or hold up to use and abuse? I also saw a whole frame kit from Flyin Fifties that looked interesting, any feedback? Thanks, Kilroy
  6. Have a quick question. My son has a 02 XR50. He has been riding it about two years now. He is eight years old. He wieghs around 60 lbs or so and is pushing 55 inches tall. We have been going out to a local riding area and he has been getting to ride on the tracks there. They are tracks built for 50's so the jumps aren't huge but enough that he can get a good amount of airtime for a stock 50, maybe 1 1/2-2 1/2 ft on the larger jumps. I was watching him the last time we were there and it looked like he was really landing hard. Like the bike was running out of travel. I guess the best discription is he was just about bouncing it when he would land on the back of the jumps. Now for the question, should I go ahead and upgrade the suspension or find a 75 or 80 to replace the 50 that he has. He is not out riding the motor, it has plenty of power left for him to learn on. What I mean is he is not ringing the bikes neck to go faster. I don't think he will for a while, so an 80 would be overkill, right? One note, he had a pretty good accident while we were there. He took a handle bar to the chin under his helment. Looks like somebody socked him with a 2x4. I was watching it when it happened, he bounced the damn bike when it landed and went into a tank slapper that flipped him. To his credit he wants to ride again, now that he is feeling better. I am just looking at it as, do I need to upgrade the suspension or just upgrade the bike? I do have a budget to consider, less than $500. He loves to jump, future Pastrana maybe? I just need to give him the equipment to do it with. Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance. Kilroy