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  1. wilcom121

    TTR-90 Kickstart Problem

    I adjusted the clutch and that didn't help at all. The other clutches are pretty new so I know its not that.
  2. wilcom121

    TTR-90 Kickstart Problem

    haha i am the kid doing 3rd gear starts j/k. Im 20. I've had to adjust the the clutch before to help with it takin 5000 yards to complete a shift. Helped a lot after I put in the 101 kit. Some people on another forum said it could be a broken countershaft? I'll try that tomorrow and see how it works the bike has been in pieces for like a year and i finally got it back together id hate to take it apart again.
  3. wilcom121

    TTR-90 Kickstart Problem

    Sometimes when I try to kickstart my 90 it feels as if nothing is there when I kick it. Like something isn't quite connecting. If i push it down real slow for the first kick or two, I can feel it catch and then kick it like normal and it starts up and runs fine. It used to only do this when it was cold now it does it all the time. Any ideas on what it could be? It really doesn't bother me, it just takes a few extra seconds to start which is kind of annoying. I wouldn't care but I would like to sell it and upgrade to a KLX 110.