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  1. sgorbati

    carb setting wr20f 05

    what is the best carb setting for yamaha wr250f 05 whit complete akrapovic exhaust sistem. My setting is 180 max, 42 min, neddle yzf cross, end air box open. Sorry but I dont speak english very well bye
  2. sgorbati

    jetting problem wr250f 05

    with my setting, the stock airbox and he stock needle with the clip in the #5 position, the engine has a lost of power on the middle of the range. which is the best setting for the wr250f whith the akrapovic complete pipe???
  3. Main jet:172 Pilot Jet:42 Fuel screw (turns out):1 3/4 Needle/Clip position: Airbox lid (on or off):off Pipe:complete akrapovic tube pipe Altitude where you ride:5000 Temperature where you ride: my setting is ok for my bike end my pipe sorry but I don,t speak english very well thank