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  1. Dr Marks advice?
  2. Dr Mark please see my l2 thread. I Had a compression fracture and my pain and recovery is drastyically diff then the few weeks im seeing i was in a body brace for 12 weeks and cant ride for 6 months....im at month 5 and still have pain....
  3. So lets get it started.....
  4. But there will always be permanent pain?
  5. Okay, heling time is almost up. I have a follow up doctor appt on Sept 3rd, however, at the last visit the doc said I can do sports again in Sept. At first i though this is great, now (the weather is bad) im thinking again. My back is almost in pain all the time. I can lift and run and be fine however every morning and for the first 4-5 hours of the day it is a constant dulling pain. The last thing i want to do is injur myself permanently. Advice? and why hasnt Doctor Mark chimed in yet?!?!
  6. From research so far ive seen that a 17x 3.5 and 17x5 is the wheels to go with. I do not know if other wheel sizes can be used but i assume so. Im finding them on craigslist anywhere from 825-1200 a set. Im just gonna wait for that great deal, no rush....but I will probably have it all dont by mid June haha.
  7. bump for anyone kind enough to lend advice
  8. I tore my bicept tnedon, labrum and AC joint. I had open surgery and was in a sling for 6 Weeks, then PT for 3 months. 1 1/2 years larter i can ride fine ( rode after about 8 months) but i cannot throw a football or baseball, the motion throws my shoulder out even after surgery.
  9. Just got good news. Brace comes off in 2 weeks and one month of PT makes me able to "ride" in June. That seems soon. March 9th break, 2 months in a brace and one month PT puts full recovery at just over 3 months....either im lucky or rushing it...
  10. I currently have a 2006 KTM 400EXC that im looking to easily converrt. The plan is to remain for irt use since i race HS and Enduros. I want to just be able to ride it on the street in the summer, no long trips just local use. I plan on getting a set of SMC wheels and tires, sprockets, turn signals and brake light and thats IT. Is this possible? What size wheels/tires do I need for this bike to not make it rub. I see 17'' rims but will a 3.5 and 5.5 x17 work? Im worried about rubbing the chain and fitting nicely. Again I just want to ride it ont he street it doesnt have to be perfect. As afar as suspension I will jkeep the offraod setup just make it stiffer on the street. Please lend advice Thanks in advance! Nick
  11. Im looking to do the same. However, my dirt setup is the most iumportant and since i race it will get the most attention Im revalved for enduros/HS and will leave the suspension the same, just stiffen it for the street. All i plahn on doing is gettin a 42 or 46tooth rear sprockt and a set of SM wheels.I plan on getting turn signals and a brake light and thats it. When I got ot dirt i will just switch the wheels (sprockets will remain on them) and take off the signals and im ready...30 minutes max, thats the plan.
  12. This is true. Im only concerned because everyone is saying right around 6 months, the doc told me 3 months in the turtle shell and 3 weeks pt and i can ride again. Thats not even 4 months, doesnt sound right...but i want to get a few hare scrambles and enduros in at the tail end of the season....also if you cant jog because of the compression how could you ride? Just curious...
  13. yeah in from eg harbor township as well, just broke my back though so ill be out until Aug
  14. I would love to get mine fitted properly by a trained person but no one around here sellls them and the employees at my local stores know less then me.