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  1. thanks raptorz, im not at all envious its a lovely its only 0-1 degrees
  2. yea i never had it dyno'd before it was at 37 with mods then 43 when jetting sorted the yoshi cdi is the mitsubishi type had it in the garage 4 a while now so not a procom one !
  3. hi not been on for a long time but still love the drz just had it dynoed only 43 bhp should it be more with the mods i have 470 kit yoshi cams full yoshi exhaust 3x3 air box mod fcr39 carb dyno guys said they had to lower the jettting down to a 135 from a 160 as to rich does this sound right still had no luck getting the yoshi cdi (mitsubishi) to work starts but doesnt rev cheers chris
  4. is there anything i can do when its apart to help with reliability or is it take it off job cheers chris
  5. hi,got the kit off internet from u.s would like to try and get gaskets here in uk if anyone can help with part numbers etc as our summer is coming and dont want to blink & miss it!
  6. no that dont sound good does anyone know what head gasket the 470 kit use any part numbers etc cheers chris
  7. hi,can anyone help i just noticed there is a bit of oil in the overflow tank on my sm have had a 470 kit fitted about 200 miles ago is this normal?
  8. bump!! again!
  9. hi ed,that settles it then i will leave the stock one on! thanks chris
  10. hi ed,yea did try the stock cdi it ran fine thinking of keeping that on it as have read in the forums that it is better/safer to as i have a 470 kit cheers chris
  11. hi ed,no i dont think so as it was running fine then put the yoshi box on then wont rev will try old box later will i have to rejoin the green wire cheers chris
  12. hi ed,tried that this morn bike starts now but doesnt rev above i guess 3000ish rpm any ideas cheers chris
  13. many thanks ed,ive seen the treads now will try 2moro cheers chris
  14. hi,i fitted my yoshi cams today no problems there,when i fitted the ignitor box it would not start it appears that there is no spark has anyone had any problems with theirs if so what can be done it looks like a sealed unit also can anyone help with carb jetting,got weisco 470 kit,yoshi full system.yoshi cams,on standard sm carb do i need to do the airbox mod,im trying to buy a fcr carb this week many thanks chris
  15. many thanks,i didnt make myself clear i am after aftermarket graphics something a bit trick