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  1. Never made food off my pipe, but I have lit cigars off it! Done it a few times when I forgot my lighter.
  2. .....half the reason why my foot goes (well went; baby on the way, no more street riding, bikes for sale...) forward. The first time I laid the bike over and my foot hit the ground scared the s#!t out of me. I have a size 12 boot and there is no way around it, the foot has to go somewhere! Might as well put it out front. I also find (found, dang it, not riding anymore...) myself dragging my inside foot, flat on the ground on slower sections. As noted before, SM is a "loose" style. You go with whatever gets you around the corner fastest!
  3. For me it is kind of a balance thing. Plus with as low as you can drop an SM, it is nice to know that you have something there to bring you up just in case! And it looks cool:
  4. You could always get a TrailTech Vapor, put 7500 miles on it's ODOMETER. Just take photo proof for your own records, and there you go. I actually had to by a CA SM just for the frame, title and license plate, so I know what your going through!
  5. PlaneDR took the link out of his garage as he is modifying the parts list, etc. You can PM him for it. I did the mod, turned out pretty damn good and it is definitely different. and one of my favorites
  6. OK, so can we open this up to just any hot chick on a bike then?
  7. 10-4 guys! I will hopefully have my buddies Hooligan conversion done on his XR600 done by that time and we both can roll up. Oh and I have to tell Crew245 too......
  8. What is the "durabilty" on one?
  9. I was stoked to see the first date on 6/7. My wife is out of town for a wedding, I could have totally done that. Then I read further to see the 6/15 date. That knocks me out. I will be just getting out of the race car in Plaster City. We have a night race that starts at 7:00 on 6/14. Sorry again guys, can't make this one either! Last year the shoulder, this year racing. Maybe 3rd times a charm......
  10. Looking good Akis. I can't wait til our local Motorsports Complex opens their SM track. I will be there damn near daily!
  11. Here are some of my street actions:
  12. Where abouts in So Cal, and what needs to be done?
  13. The wheels are a direct bolt on, you will just have to swap the brake rotors as the SM runs larger rotors.
  14. I've been riding my bike, hard, since 12/31/02. My roller looks new compared to that!
  15. Unfortunately, I am already running a 38 in the rear!