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  1. Goebz

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

  2. Brian, ttying to send you my review...




    I originally bought my ProBend handguards with the big, white, Dumbo Ear inserts. I really didn't like them so I just used the metal frames. After getting some kind of June bug up m sleeve while riding my DRZ in traffic, and getting bit or stung several times, I decided to look into other inserts. I found the low profile "Enduro" inserts in blue that matched my DRZ. They fit up perfectly and kept the wind and especially bugs of my knuckles and out of my sleeves. I was even able PowerMadd mirrors on them to eliminate the big Suzuki mirrors. Overall, they have been one of the best purchased I have made for my DRZ.
  3. Goebz

    Find My old bike...

    I want to RIDE! IT was a great bike and I hated to sell it but I needed cash at the time.
  4. Goebz

    Find My old bike...

    My son is going away to college and it would be a great bike to get to class. Thought I would try to find mine before getting a different one.
  5. Goebz

    Acerbis Supermoto Front Fender

    Pure Awesomeness
  6. Goebz

    Find My old bike...

    DRZ Friends, I am on a quest to find the Transformer. After I sold it to a guy in Louisville Ohio, he sold it to a guy named ANDY who lives in Dover Ohio. See pics and let me know if you can help?
  7. Cleveland IMS, I'm probably going either Friday or DSaturday, Have $4 off coupons for online tx if anyone wants them PM me. Code is DLR16 for online,
  8. Goebz

    Suzuki DR-Z400 2004

    love it
  9. Goebz

    Suzuki DR-Z400 (2004)


    love it
  10. DRZ 400, KLR 650 or KTM Super ADV would be my choice depending on the trip and circumstances.
  11. Goebz

    Bolt on shorty levers for DRZ-400SM?

    Most Zeta stuff is WAAAYYY cheaper than everyone else. Its because they don't build in the price of 3 levers for insurance if you break one. I loved mine and have an extra set for Yamaha if anyone wants them. Had prob 10 or 12 Zeta bits on my DRZ was completely impresses with every one.
  12. DRZ is way better for commuting., If you do any super slab this little bikes will be tapped out at about 60.
  13. Goebz

    Skateboard wheels

    All thread and nylons, or call Forrrest at Wheeling Cycle Supply and get a complete kit cheap. Get a snake for the muffler too.