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  1. Wiseone

    Wiseco Piston Rings... ***?

    RC No, I am doing this on my own time and out of my own pocket. For 20.5 years my Blood runs deep Red the xxx Colors, Does not go away overnight. Much tribute to the original owning family.
  2. Wiseone

    Wiseco Piston Rings... ***?

    If you still need the correct rings without reading three pages of this thread tell me the bore size and I will put the Corrrect rings in the mail No Charge. Maybe throw in some extra circlips and rings for good will. Just let me know.
  3. Wiseone

    Cylinder size ??

    Sir You have a +2mm or .080 overbore cylinder with excessive clearance. Exactly were on the piston are you measuring? Your Cylinder should be 2.205 with a piston measuring 2.203 for .002 clearance. Measure the piston at the bottom of the skirt 90 degree from wrist pin. Sounds like you just need a new piston as you have .005 thousands piston to cylinder clearance. flirting with dangerous clearance and expansive repair STD. bore is 54mm or 2.126 with the piston .002 thousands smaller. Ahhhhhhh. Free at last!!!!
  4. Wiseone

    Wiseco VS JE

    Only Vertex is mfg. a.b sizing. Never found the four strokes cylinders vary more than a tenth or two, well within OE specs. There has been "0" demand for a,b, sizing in the four stroke market. On of the above mentioned has a genuine automotive based skirt coating that does not have to be accounted for in piston to cylinder clearance. So a piston with a clearance of .0015 will actually go in at .0005 far tighter than any OE, leading to extended piston life and superior ring seal. even after coating is gone it is still within spec. All pistons are cc'd and a oe sample piston and head is used and a dome mold made, problem, no two cylinders CC the same. Can,t/wont answer the JE blank question. JE is a great long time piston mfg in the heart of the So Cal industry. Great for OE's and bulders to run over and have some specials quickly mfg'd
  5. Wiseone

    Wiseco VS JE

    Completely incorrect!
  6. Wiseone

    Wrist pin

    The "new design" amounts to the same pin with a coating that can be removed with scotchbrite. The problem has never been fixed only a band aid put on it. The OE piston has No strutting or bracing between the pin towers causing the piston to flex. The flex binds the pin in its bore causing the galling and eventually breaking the pin,pin towers and or cracking the piston across the top. You can only bend something back and forth so many times befor it breaks. All aftermarket pistons in the States have the correct strutting or bracing between the pin towers.
  7. Wiseone

    Wrist pin

    The Wristpin has Never been the problem, only the end result
  8. Wiseone

    06 Wrist Pin problem

    Not! the problem continue's into 08. Pro Castloo broke one at GH last weekend with only 22 hrs on it. Kawi has yet to change the design. the band aid fix is the coated wrist pin
  9. Wiseone

    witch brand piston should I buy???

    Ok as I have been orderd of TT But I cant stand the missinformation given anymore. Sorry. Were are you coming with these clearance specs? .003-.005 prove it! You are providing blatent missinformation!!! The Brand "w" clearance is .002 or .051mm on the oe replacement. the Racers choice is .0015 or .038mm. That is tighter than any OE casting! Your are quoting Wiseco specs, show me any late model Wiseco MX part number with these recomended clearances. I have had more occasions even back in the 90's were a racer had a problem ( crank seal,jetting,timing,junk pump gas ) and had to go to the gate with no break in or heat cycle,and had to race the bike with no problems and this is a "A" level rider. The grain stucture of a casting is in a straight line like billet. the graing stucture if a forging is "feature aligned grain flow" or the grains follow the structure of the component like a tree branch for superior strenght. Again almost all the information you are providing is from back in the sixties and sevenies. It is also amazing the amount of seizure's that have gone away with the introduction of plated cylinders over castiron cylinders check into the metalurgicaly figures of cast irorn versus plating's. The best thing for Iron is cooking on the grill. General rule of thumb with any ring end gap is .003-0.004 per inch of bore now matter who's piston it is cast forged,squezed cast. Hyperutechnic or otherwise. Or maybe this is just a provocation to nail the final nail in my coffin at brand "W" And as a rep this post will be seen as some sort of advertisment by providing correct information and most likely deleted. Ed AKA wiseone. AKA wiseguy aka Hornet 970 aka pistonguy.
  10. Wiseone


    Sorry this is may last post. PM me for the whole story. Thanks and good by Ed
  11. Wiseone


    Rockwell "B scale "0" = no hardness Any negative number is less than butter Normal two stroke dome hardness on the rockewll "B" scale is in the low 70's This indicates the piston domes were severly overheated and lost all hardness/temper. This is also the most common problem with a locating pin coming out. And as always it is blamed pin or just Seizco.
  12. Wiseone


    I will have you a answer this morning. Then I will have to say good by to TT Ed
  13. Wiseone

    Piston Failure Diagnoses (With pics)

    And the clearance is? Sounds like you have tracked down the problem.
  14. Wiseone

    What does this piston say?

    I would like to see a better picture of both front and back of the piston skirt. Looks like she is worn from top to bottom. More like allot of fine dust went through it. The taclom like dust will also clean the top of the piston off as pictured. There should only be a small amount of wear at the bottom of the piston skirt and should have the factory machining marks still intact from mid skirt to the top of the piston
  15. Wiseone

    Piston Failure Diagnoses (With pics)

    Since when? Modern Forgings run as tight or tighter piston to cylinder clearance than casting's you are refering to 70's technology. Check the recomended Forged clearance to your OE casting. Most Forgings are set up at .0015 or .038mm and no more than .002 or .051mm. For all 250's. Again compare this to your OE manual for the OE cast piston. Classic four corner seizure. there is much information on this type of failure online. Ed