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  1. whitestripe

    pics from misupermoto flint auto city 6/25

  2. whitestripe

    pics from misupermoto flint auto city 6/25

    Hey, nice pics. Where have I seen these before?
  3. whitestripe

    Priorities Changing

    Too funny - I do the same thing. I don't have a dirt bike...yet...but I think of everything in "that's x track days."
  4. whitestripe

    Took a vacation day yesterday....

    Probably you are already familiar with track days, but just in case you are not, the track organizations that I am familiar with (STT, NESBA and Apex2Apex - MI only) all run a three group format: Novice, Interdediate, and Advanced. If you have never done a track day, regardless of your skill level, I would reccomend signing up for novice for at least the first day. There are several groups within the Novice group itself, organized by speed/ability/experience. Each group has a dedicated instructor assigned to your group for the whole day. There is a classroom session in which all Novice riders attend and then you break into your smaller groups if your coach wants to cover something specific to your group. The classroom sessions are very useful. It's a time to ask questions, they go over what drill you will be working on in the next session on the track, and they cover techniques as well. It is very well organized. Each group stays together while out on the track. The faster groups pass the slower groups usually on the straights, and this is all organized by the instructors. You sort of play follow the leader within your group. It may sound boring, but it's not. The structure provided is great because you want to have all of your technique down before moving up. By working on your technique, you will become a better rider and you will be able to apply it to the street too. My point to all of this is that even if you try it just once, most likely you are not going to crash due to the controlled environment. It's not a free for all, nor is it a race, and you're not there to set the track record. I highly reccomend it! Regarding the insurance, you should check with your insurance company. Since a track day is not a race (it's not a sanctioned competition, it's not timed in anyway) our insurance company will cover us should we have an accident there. Some racers do go to them for practice. It's worth looking into.
  5. whitestripe

    off-road on the Ducati!

    The Dark's are nice - that matte black is killer. Nice exhaust too. Are those clip-ons? It's hard to tell in the pic, it doesn't look like you have frame sliders. Here is my baby, the day she came home (it was a surprise gift from my husband)
  6. whitestripe

    Took a vacation day yesterday....

    Nice pic! I just did my frist track day at BeaveRun Memorial Day weekend. It was great (except for I didn't get to do my second day on Sunday because both my bike and my husband's bike were stolen of the trailer Saturday night). What track were you at? learning2fly...it's actually less dangerous to take your bike to the track than riding on the street. Every time you get on, street or track, you have to keep in mind the risks. In the end it's just a hunk of metal that is replaceable. I have seen a lot of people crash, including my husband, that resulted in a relatively uneventful lowside with very little damage. Usually the rider is back out the next session after having the bike re-teched. Of course there are also some that result in the bike being totaled and/or the rider going off to the hospital. If a rider isn't willing to take that risk (financial or otherwise), then they shouldn't do it - street or track. I feel much more comfortable on the track than the street. We both had SV650's and my husband is upgrading to a 749 due to the thefts, so you should take your Duc out too! It's a blast!
  7. whitestripe

    Anyone wear TLD or Sick Racing?

    I'm new to all of this - could you post some more links to sites with gear? Or maybe there is another thread I haven't come across yet with such info. Thanks!
  8. whitestripe

    first streetbike

    SV650, first generation!!! My husband has one, and so do I. Don't have any pics of mine. That's me on the back in the third pic... SV pics
  9. whitestripe

    Howdy Girls!

    Thank you for all of the warm welcomes! I did notice how friendly this place is - that's one of the reasons I joined even though we probably won't get dirt bikes until next year.
  10. whitestripe

    Howdy Girls!

    I don't mean to thread-jack , but since it is a "hi" thread, I will barge in as I don't see the need to start a new thread. My husband surprised me with a motorcycle two summers ago. I love it! I'm addicted. He taught me to ride it, I took the MSF course, and he is very encouraging and supportive. This summer will be my first time on the track. Well, not as a passenger, that is. I have been hanging out here a little. I am curious about dirt bikes too. Don't know why. I know nothing about them. But somehow I am drawn to the idea. Reading through the threads, I feel as if I'm learning a new language, and I feel quite intimidated. It seems much more physically challenging than I imagined. Not sure if I could do it, though it seems that the terrain makes a big difference. It just seems like it would be so much fun! He grew up with dirt bikes, so I think he would like it. Advice, tips, encouraging words???