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  1. ljkp2004

    xrl dies when in gear

    ron stick the wires in your mouth or on your tounge and turn power on and crank the bike with kickstand up and tell me what happens ,after that then maybe i could tell u what ur problem might be good luck squid
  2. ljkp2004

    in need of RECTIFIER

    i guess when i asked for a rectifier i should have assumed every1 on tt would be my mechanic thanks i already printed that post out if i could have tested electrical i guess i would have done it myself correct
  3. ljkp2004

    in need of RECTIFIER

    i changed stator or my mechanic did and the bike still died changed battery also now he says the rectifier is shot i could have done the same thing replacing any old thing but i figured he would be able to test charging system i gave him manual and a printout from a post about testing process from tt
  4. ljkp2004

    in need of RECTIFIER

    i have 2001s k1 email me or message me with info ty
  5. ljkp2004

    Countershaft nut was not tight!

    countershaft nut is that the nut holding on the front sprocket i have no idea where it is just curious so i could check mine out thanks i looked on microfiche on ronayers but couldnt find it
  6. ljkp2004

    Battery Question

    found out the answer called baja designs technical support team they helped me out totally answered every question THANKS HAVE FUN RIDING
  7. ljkp2004

    question about fuel screw

    thanks for the help i wanted to ride so bad i just took carb of and put stock jets back in so thats pretty simple enough just knowing is half the battle that plug comes out easy or what
  8. ljkp2004

    question about fuel screw

    what and where is it eddie told me 3 turns out i changed main and pilot jet bike is running fine but where is fuel screw is that the screw with spring on outside of carb attached to metal holder under carb i want to go out today
  9. what is it i changed main jet and pilot jet and have to turn fuel screw eddie said 3 turns out i looked on microfiche on ayers and nothing implkies fuel screw and want to go out today
  10. ljkp2004

    put jets in today

    i just made that name up up lol for that pain in the ass black box on the side from carb question while im here was i suppossed to screw the jets all the way in or what i had blip at first adjusted idle bam perfect but wondering if screws were ment to be all the way in
  11. ljkp2004

    put jets in today

    what a pain in the asz it was to remove vapor jam then 1 screw got stripped on the bottom float another pain but putting in jets was a joke now i have 2 hit the woods and see whats going on ive had them 2 years and finally got to it
  12. ljkp2004

    is anyone going to paragon pa

    sunday may 7 th ill most likely be there around 1030 1100 drz400s xr650 and a 250 of some kind looking for people famaliar my friend elrontx wants to pay for a guide maybe we could meet up
  13. ljkp2004

    any1 want to sell rear fender

    do you have pics at all
  14. ljkp2004

    Your DR-Z kickin your BUTT?

    i had same problems cut down stock seat made it worse bought new gel seat my ass feels much better ebay used gel cheap or post for a gel seat wanted on here
  15. ljkp2004

    any1 want to sell rear fender

    for drzs 2001 model used and also rear brake light set up let me know i have blue fender but illtake white blue maybe even black or yellow