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    XL250R 1990 Is it the same as the XR250R?

    Sorry Red, I Don't know the diameter of the header. This is my first bike for over 20 years & I'm just getting familiar with it (and riding a bike again). The choke is on the handlebars - I can tell you that much. And there is no battery. The XL250R is as rare as hens teeth in the UK. So are the parts! How easy is it to source parts for the XR250R in the US? The XL250R wasn't made for the UK or USA market. They were mainly sold within Japan. (My bike had to be shipped over from a Japanese bike exporter). The UK version was an XL250 (again rare) and it was a lower spec, eg rear drum brake. The emissions of the XL250R seem to comply with the UK requirements, and I would imagine the emmisions should also comply with Uncle Sams' requirements (as you have big gas drinking engines over there - The average size of a car engine is only 1600cc in the UK, and our petrol is twice as expensive). There is a US website called bikebandit.com. They list a new OEM seat cover for a 1990 XR250R. http://www.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/oem.asp Do you think there seat cover will fit? Or do you think it will be a Ceet or a Gripper cover in black? Can you recommend anyone in the US for parts? Jon
  2. Dandylion

    XL250R 1990 Is it the same as the XR250R?

    It's definately an XL250R. Here's a piccie. http://server2.uploadit.org/files/anybloodybody-xl250r.jpg Can I buy an XR seat in the US for this bike?
  3. Hellooooo, I live in the UK & I have bought myself a jap import 1990 Xl250R. These models were not introduced to the UK (only the xl250). Am I right in thinking that my bike is the same bike as the US 1990 XR250R? It looks identical to the one shown on this link: http://100megsfree4.com/honda/h0300/xr.htm I can send a photo of my bike if anyone can help identify it to the nearest US spec. I need a new seat cover (Tomato Red), and i'm hoping to buy a 1990 XR250R cover from the US? One size fits all I hope?