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  1. I have a LTZ 400 with a ported head, both original hotcams, 12-1 compression, full HMF, uni filter, and a k&n lid. Just installed a 39 FCR from a yz426. Still has the stock needle, OBEJ-P. 72 starter and 200 air jets. Ride around the 400' range. Right now I have a 170 main, 45 pilot, and 4th clip. Way out on fuel screw. So showing lean. Pop on decel. Also showing lean. Raised the clip up to 5th spot. Helped on decel, but still has slight pop. So still showing lean. Clip change killed mid-range. Hard stumble. Rich there. Top almost feels little lean. Plan is for a 48 or 50 pilot, 4th clip, and a 172-175 main. Correct on all this thinking? Any other recommendations?