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  1. mollie8686

    difference in 05 and 08 radiators???

    Thanks for the quick reply, I wonder why the oem part numbers are different.
  2. Does anybody know what the difference is in a 05 and a 08 left side radiator is? The oem part numbers are different but aftermarket radiators show the same. I searched the forum but cant find a definite answer.
  3. mollie8686

    need 5.6 spring-08 kx 450f

    I have a couple stock front and rears, if your interested just pm me.
  4. mollie8686

    wrist surgery ?????

    Sunday I had bad get off and broke my right wrist and left clavicle. The clavicle was broke in 3 pieces and required surgery and other than the pain feels pretty good. Im not real sue wat was broke in my wrist but the doc said it was unusual, he said most wrist fractures occur on the top of the wrist but mine was on the palm side. He said the bone in my arm had rotated upside down and said it was kind of like smashing a pop can into my wrist, he did surgery but I was so out of it Im not sure what he did. While cleaning the bandages today there was still a little bleeding but around the edge of the blood on the gauze it had a greenish-yellow tint to it. Is this normal or should I call the doctor? The incision looks a lot better than it did yesterday, I am just concerned about the color of the gauze, thought it may just be the iodine but this is the first time Ive noticed the color like that.
  5. mollie8686

    Port and polish KX65????

    Is the power increase worth a port and polish on a stock cylinder? Ive got the 65 torn down for fresh piston and rings and the ports are pretty rough looking. Just curious if anybody has had theirs done and if it was a noticeable increase.
  6. mollie8686

    Building mx track

    A good idea to get your layout is to go to an aerial phot site like globalexplorer that is free and download a aerial shot of your property and then use microsoft paint to draw your layout and then you just have to start moving dirt. Here is an example of my layout Im working on this year.
  7. mollie8686

    FI mapping for new 09' with pro circuit exhaust???

    Thanks guys, the stock header got smashed in a spill on the first ride so its getting replaced with the new pro circuit. We'll probably just try and ride it without remapping first and see how it goes.
  8. Does anybody know if you have to reprogram the fuel injection map if you install a new exhaust? We are getting ready to install the new pro circuit Ti4 on the 09 Kawi and werent sure if it had to be reprogrammed.
  9. mollie8686

    Best 1 (single) PIC Contest

    Here are a couple pics of my ridin' buddy.
  10. mollie8686

    looking for a 2007 kx450f

    I just talked to Greg at United Cycle and he said he could let the bike go for $4200 if your interested you can call his cell phone at 304-222-1018.
  11. mollie8686

    looking for a 2007 kx450f

    Its in Beckley,WV about 3 hours south of Morgantown at United Cycle. Their phone number is 304-252-9775 and ask for Greg if you are interested. He also said he may be able to get his hands on a new 07 also. I know the used bike is in excellent condition and well taken care of, it belonged to one of the guys that rides with us and has low hours on it. He is a vet intermediate rider and hardly ever rode the bike.
  12. mollie8686

    looking for a 2007 kx450f

    They have a used 2007 at my local shop for sale. It has FCR suspension, pro tapers, pro circuit radiator hoses, quickshot, and renthal sprockets for $5000. If your interested let me know and I can tell you who to get in contact with, he would probably even meet you half way.
  13. mollie8686

    08' Fr Brake Lever

    ASV makes an adapter for 06' and older levers to make them work on the newer bikes. I ran into the same thing on my 08'. Its just a small extension to activate the plunger and I think they were like $12 from ASV.
  14. mollie8686

    Am I too old to start???

    You are never too old. Its hard to believe the number of older guys that have come back to riding. Im 39 and had never ridden a dirt bike until last year. In my teens I was pretty fast on quads, I had 3 mega series championships at Muddy Creek in Tennesee and raced a few nationals. My son wanted to start racing last year and wanted me to buy a bike to ride with him. We have had a blast the last 2 seasons. There is no better way to bond with your kids than spending a day at the track. The switch from quads to bikes wasnt easy but I consistantly finish in the top 3 in our local 250D class. Its a rush to be on the line again, especially when your old enough to be the kids Dad thats lined up beside you. The one thing that Ive learned from starting over is that I am always willing to push myself, but never to the limits that I used to. Its a different ballgame when you know you have to be the one that drives home and goes to work the next day.
  15. It came with the graphics kit.