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    Metal drummer, metal fabricator, quad rider and pit bike crasher.
  1. olivedrabb

    Crf 50cc HELP!!!!!!

    I need to know what that little black plug thing is thats just above the front sprocket. Actually its a CRF 50 knock off (zongshen 125). Anyway, i threw a chain threw the left side cover, charred the outside of the magnito all to hell, and broke the pickup off of the stator plate. So I ordered a new stator plate, polished off the out side of the magnito, and im still getting no spark. I think that the little black plug has something to do with it. it looks like some kinda ellectrical part though. So can anyone tell me why a have no spark? Or at least tell me what this ****in black plug is for? Thank you!!! Email me olivedrabb@hotmail.com
  2. I threw a chain threw the left cover HARD! It broke the main magnito terminal thing off the stator plate, and charred the shit out of the outside of the magnito/flywheel (the chain got tangled around the front sprocket...ugly). So i ordered a new stator plate, and tried to re-condition the surface of the flywheel as best i could. Now, i just need to know the reqd. gap between that little nub on outside of the flywheel, and the main terminal it passes by upon rotation. please e mail olivedrabb@hotmail.com THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. olivedrabb

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I cant figure out how to post on the main page so what ever. But i have a Zonshen 125cc and the chain flew off and killed my magnito case cover (left hand side). i cant figure out how to take the magnito out. i got the 14mm nut off of the middle of the magnito, but now how does it come off? I need to take it out the weld the electrode mount back on.(the chain just ahnhiallated!) so how do i putt that magnito out, and where can i get on online DETAILED repair manual? can someone Email me one? any info will help. thank you!!!! you can e mail me olivedrabb@hotmail.com
  4. olivedrabb

    el muyo cheapo pitbike-o

    call this guy i know. in Olympia washington 206-276-3703. he'll send you pictures. his name is Jeff. Tell him Jay from MOnroe sent you. I bought the 125cc with a zongshen for 8 bills. let me just tell you, tighten EVERy bolt first. ps. make your landing bigger. and you can buy stiffer springs for EVERYTHING.