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    Travis Pastrana

    Great movie. Travis is a badddd dude!!
  2. I Had A Worn Clutch On My Bike So I Replaced The Clutch. New Springs New Clutch Plates New Friction Plates And A New Pressure Plate. I Have The Bike On The Stand And While Its Running I Hold In The Clutch Click It In Gear And The Rear Wheel Takes Off. I Can Barely Stop It With My Hand Sometimes It Will Stall The Motor If I Get It To Stop And Sometimes It Wont Stall. The Thing Is That The Clutch I Had In Before This New One Wasnt That Old So I Think It Was Doing This Before I Just Didnt Realize It And If It Was Constantly Dragging Maybe That Wore It Out Quicker Than Usual. If Im Actully On The Bike And I Hold In The Clutch And Click It In Gear It Seems Ok It Really Doesnt Creep On Me It Will Just Stall Once In A While. So Does Anyone Have Some Ideas Or Possible Fixes??? And Yes My Freeplay On The Lever Is Adjusted Right!!!!