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    XR400 on-road mielage

    Now thats what I want to hear. 40MPG is a good number - one that gains some support from my wife. Now all I need to do is street this thing... I'll look into this when I get the bike. Does the baja kit (or whatever they call it) require a battery? I want to keep the weight down... I'll plan on having 2 different wheels and sprockets - one for the street (going to work) the other for play. THanks for the help all!!!!
  2. Hi all. I've weighed the pros and cons between the XR400 and the CRF450X. For the climate I live in and the kind of riding I enjoy I know I'd prefer the XR. ANyhow, in light of the brutally high fuel prices we are seeing in North America ($1.15/litre in Canada, which equals just below $4.00/gal US) Im interested in what kind of mielage I can get with an XR400 for the street. We're talking of streetifying an XR so I can run to the beach or the grocery store. If I ride nicely without pulling any catwalks etc, what I can expect. My mielage in my truck is killing me. thanks all.