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  1. fine with me just give a shout whenever
  2. where in londonderry i am in hollis right on the nashua border, there is a lot of good trail riding in brookline... powerlines, pretty fun
  3. the 3 posted by metalmulisha2002 fmf, yoshi, dr. d
  4. do you have any pricing on those pipes or a web site link to get more info on them. thanks
  5. How is the riding at Clough...Thinking of heading up there....when in May do they open up?
  6. would that adhear well to the plastic...maybe do a coat or two of primer so it doesnt chip all over the place and look like sh_t...good/cheap idea
  7. I'll look into that, thanks. How was the installation of the Boyesen accelerator?
  8. plastic rear fender but in chrome color, i have seen some for quads (front shrouds) nothing for bikes.... fullbore innovations was the only place I could find...only quads though
  9. Is this worth the $80? Has anyone installed one and have some feedback? I am seriously considering ordering this thing soon. Thanks, any feedback is helpful.
  10. I know of a good place in Merrimack off of Rt 3. Also a lot of riding in Brookline, 2 towns west of Nashua. Let me know if you want details, I have been rididng at these places for a while... There are also some state riding areas in the town of Weare, havent made it that far yet but I hear it is great riding, mostly single track.
  11. Does anyone know if someone makes a chrome fender, hopefully for the rear....front would work too....i dont want silver, i want chrome.....thanks
  12. Anyone have any local riding areas in Southern New Hampshire, I know of a few in the Nashua area and some to the west.....new to this, seeing who is around the area
  13. Does any one know if they make a chrome fender for an 05....preferably a rear fender